Amitabh in Houston

I thought this was so exciting I had to copy it and share it here.

Head over to Amitabh Bachchan’s Blog to read all about his thoughts on the Houston show of The Unforgettable Tour.  In today’s post at Amit-ji’s blog, he writes about a time he lived in New York city,

I have lived in this metropolis in short spells, when I had taken a sabbatical. Walked the streets, bought my own grocery, parked the car in a garage and stepped out to my place of residence and got mugged. Twice actually. Once in the lobby of a 5 star Hotel. Lost everything. Money, passport, personal paperwork, letters of value from my father and my mother. Everything. And realized the importance of your own homeland. It is wretched when you are alone in foreign surroundings and have an emergency. Suddenly from admiration for the city, you are compelled down to the other extreme. (day 105, August 7, 2008)

Outrageous!  On behalf of the USA, I apologize to you Mr. Bachchan!  No one should ever get mugged, it is indeed wretched.  New Yorkers, I’m counting on you to look out for Big B and show him nothing but pyar.

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11 thoughts on “Amitabh in Houston

  1. An English friend of mine was mugged as soon as he stepped foot into Manhattan on his first trip to the US. They took his luggage, wallet, watch, everything, but when he asked for directions to his hotel they happily escorted him to the right street.


  2. That is sad. Everything can be replaced, but the letters from his parents being taken like that must’ve been terrible :'(

    Liked this bit too: “We may not have the efficiency and affluence of the Western world. The perfect facilities and limitless utilities working without fault, but stepping on to your own soil is a feeling that is beyond description. Here in NYC it is theirs, there at home in Mumbai, it is mine.”

    Thanks for sharing this, Sita-ji!

  3. memsaab-ji,
    That is completely crazy. The polite dacoits of NYC. Maybe just a traditional Manhattan welcome. Maybe some Amercians who still had a bone to pick with the Brittishers. Most likely, some real idiots. Sukriya for your visit.

    Right, I liked that part you quoted too. There’s no place like home. Even though Amitabh is a world citizen like us all, it’s clear why he misses Mumbai right about now. Thanks for your visit dost.

  4. Sita-ji-ji!(aur bhi zarur namaste to memsaab, and tBF, mera dost!)

    Thank you so much for including Amitabh’s poignant entry from Day 105: when I read it I felt a faint catch in my throat, reading the part where he describes his stolen items, especially his irreplaceable “letters of value” from his parents. This lifetime, I think, can be inexplicably mysterious, and even if one tried to come up with some kind of feel-good-kind-of-but-not-really explanation for that act of violation and disrespect (e.g., resolving issues from a past life), bottom line is, to be slangy, it still sucks…

    And also, thank you so much (I’m repeating myself, sorry!) for YOUR great website. You are allowing people to express themselves and connect in a way that is like no other, and I really appreciate it. And I’ll tell you something that I’m going to also, at some point in time, tell Amitji (well, you know, “tell” is not accurate!, I mean “post”, that is): when I get on the computer each morning, waiting for me is a “daily dharma” quote from Tricycle Magazine, and a “Thought for the Day” (i.e., Gandhi quote) from And after I read those, I then visit your site, followed up by a quick trip to Amitji’s blog. I’d say that’s a very positive and upbeat way to start the day, wouldn’t you?! May both you and AB blog long and prosper!!! (oh, do I need to go to another website to say that?!)

  5. jen! NAMASTE!
    You are too kind my dost! If I were a judge in charge of punishing the foolish men (do women do this sort of thing? I think not!) who robbed my dear Amitabh-ji, I would sentence them to watch the following:
    Muqaddar Ka Sikander
    Amar Akbar Anthony
    and maybe even Anand.

    Then I’d sit them down and say, “Now do you understand a bit of WHO you’re dealing with!?!?! DO you!?”

    The perps would certainly shudder, weep, and beg for forgiveness. Then I’d assign them to watch the rest of Amitabh’s films, along with 20 years community service working in an orphanage in India, and 40 years probation. Good idea, hai na? Furthermore, I’d have them sit down with Amit-ji and he would tell them, using his beautiful voice, the stories of what the letters they stole said. There would be more weeping from the dacoits who stole the letters. They would begin to speak Hindi and say “BAS!” and beg for forgiveness, saying “Mujje Maaf Kardo,” or how ever they say it in Hindi. Amitabh would say something like, “Go, and sin no more,” and they’d all dance around to some great S.D. Burman or maybe even a funkier R.D. Burman song and all would be well. :D

    p.s. thanks for adding my blog to the start of your day’s web clicking. :) I do a similiar start, and get a “daily buddhist wisdom” emailed each morning from, LOL. Amitabh’s blog is getting so existential that I’ll have to check it daily now too.

    Thanks for your visit. :)

  6. Ah, muggers… If only reality were more like the movies, Amitabh would have rid himself of such a nuisance in two minutes. Even if there were ten of them.

    Maybe they did know who he was and wanted to test him.

    Sita-ji, I do believe there are some women who do this sort of thing as well. Women can be dacoits. They must know that especially in India.

    I know about polite muggers also. A few years ago, after I was held up at gunpoint a block from my home (which at that time was in Staten Island), the robbers returned my wallet to me with all the cards in it. (And back then, I still had some credit left too!) They only wanted my cash and, alas, all they got for their efforts was $22…

  7. Ah Richard!
    My favorite New York City bollywood-tollywood-kollywood blogger, citizen of the world, and connoisseur of all things filmy and worldly, Namaste! First of all, thanks for making it clear that women do indeed partake in such bakwaas, I was being sexist there and you caught me. ;)
    LOL about your statement: “If only reality were more like the movies, Amitabh would have rid himself of such a nuisance in two minutes. Even if there were ten of them.” How true! I wonder if when such and event happens to Amitabh if he harkens back to scenes of him vs. 20 or more, (not 10) in some shipyard warehouse in one of his films during the event? Or would he perhaps go home and watch footage of such a scene as part of a healing process? I would! I’m sorry about your unfortunate encounter with the gentlemen bandits, and although their actions were in no way showing love, they did show a bit of panache, hai na? Or maybe not, since robbery has no panache involved at all. Well both you and Amit-ji have in common that you received manna from the heavens in these unfortunate muggings, as I’m wishing to think they were tools for your further spiritual development, leaving you more polished and shining than before. Stay safe there in the big apple friend and thanks for your visit. Down with dacoits! Inquilab Zindibad!

  8. Hey BollywoodBlogger! I hope that’s not true. I plan to get there eventually, mug free. :)

    Renegade Eye!
    Hello. Are you trying to tell us something here? Do you know someone who knows someone, who knows someone who….:) thanks for your visit.

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