My cyber evening with Amitabh.

Here I sit, wishing I were in L.A. attending this evening’s The Unforgettable Tour! But I’ve been told by posters to this site, jen (start a blog girl!) and theBollywoodFan, that they’ve taken me along to the show in spirit, so I feel good. I’m happily checking my blog statistics and spy that there are some incoming hits from AMITABH BACHCHAN’S blog


This may be the closest I ever get to Amitji, but I’ll take it! I know it doesn’t mean he actually read the comment, or even clicked through to this blog, but it’s a touch of something special anyway, a way for us all to somehow be a part of his world and to show our enthusiasm and appreciation for his work.  I did my research and I found on day 87, that monkey made the 508th comment.  Thanks for making my night world wide web, monkey, Amitabh Bachchan’s blog and my cyber dosto for bringing me to the show in spirit. Here’s monkey’s comment:


508. Monkey Says:
July 20th, 2008 at 7:25 pm

hey mr. B check out this blog website dedicated entirely to you and your tour.

its for ur support and to keep u pumped. fans basically commnicating to one another.

Then I clicked over to Mr. Bachchan’s blog and fired off a post.  Imagine, my little comment made it to the same post!

716. sitaji Says:
July 27th, 2008 at 11:00 am

Dear Mr. Bachchan,
I wish I were attending your show tonight in LA. I wanted to alert you to the enthusiastic repsonses I’ve had over at my blog regarding your tour:

The comments on this post I did regarding The Unforgettable Tour just keep coming. Welcome to America and all the best!

What FUN!

Makes me wanna sing along with Lata, Asha, and Mahendra to Pyar Zindigi Hai!

Thanks for the video BollywoodArchive.

Please take note one of my favorite things in Bollywood in this video: Johnnie Walker being consumed.

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13 thoughts on “My cyber evening with Amitabh.

  1. So cool! The tour doesn’t stop in Atlanta. :( I think I would’ve gone if Bips and Lara were still in it. I would mainly go see it for Bips though, lol.

  2. Hello, Sita-ji! I can’t believe you’re getting hits from Big B’s blog. Wah wah, kyaa honor hai! ;-) Now I can list you as a stage in the “Six Degrees to Amit-ji” game.

  3. Oh, Sita-ji, that’s sooo exciting!

    I stand firm in my belief that the internet connects us all and you really never know who is reading your stuff…that’s part of what makes the mysterious world of cyberspace so much fun!

    And I too wished I could have made it to the Unforgettable tour, especially since I have family in New York who I could stay with. But the airfare is so outrageous nowadays and I didn’t even know how much the tickets actually cost :(

    Next time an opprotunity comes along like this (say, for example, Shahrukh Khan’s next tour) us bloggers should get together and go!

  4. Namaste gaurav,
    of the delicious
    Thanks for letting me know about the tickets. If I decide that I can make the Chicago show I’ll definitely be in touch. By the way, sorry the “food” of the Bollywood Food Club has sort of disappeared for now. My co blogger, Nandini, retired (I’m still hoping it’s just a hiatus) and with her retirement went all her posts, a couple of which were about CurryUp. I will get around to adding a food page again. Thanks for your visit!

    I know! Isn’t that funny! I like that: the “Six Degrees to Amit-ji” game. :D

    Nawab theBollywoodFan,
    Excellent and sukriya! Thanks for the link, yaar.

    Namaste Nida,
    Yes we are indeed having some cyber space fun. I know what you mean about the airfares these days. Those last minute fares aren’t what they used to be and traveling to this show is really an investment. Have you considered making the drive to Chicago? Also, your idea about the next time around is excellent, count me in!

  5. shweta-ji!
    Thanks for your visit, as valuable as Amitabh’s! Now to be accurate, this doesn’t mean that he necessarily made a visit, but it does indicate that visitors came to this site through his blog, and maybe that includes Mr. Bachchan. Regardless, our blogs are linked! :D Which means that now yours is too.

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  7. asianwindow! Dosto! Your blog is still looking great and informative as always. Thanks for that Helen tip and the link. The world wide web of pyar! :)

  8. Hi Sitaji,
    I need 2 tickets to the Unforgettable 2008 (chicago) in price range betwwen $55-$100…Can you please let me know if they are still avaible with you.


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