Is this the biggest Shahrukh Khan fan?

A friend, clever enough to ferret out such work, and thoughtful enough to direct my attention to it, sent me this image the other day. 

I demanded to know its source, which was passed on to me, and now to you. For complete fan dedication to Shahrukh Khan, visit Shahrukh Khan Fantasies. You’ll find many images of SRK there and the artist, B.Rohrer, explains this extreme tribute:

I have the highest regard for Mr. Khan. He’s been a source of inspiration for several years now, kicking my own creativity into new directions. I therefore hope that in the unlikely case he should ever see one of these images, he will not feel insulted. For me Mr. Khan is like my favorite gemstone… an opal. At first sight there is so much bedrock it looks like a plain brown stone. But as you turn it in the light it displays everchanging colors, surprising you with their brilliance. And yet… the opal is a tender stone, a sparkler only when held to the light. Treat it wrong and it will break.

You can also check out the images through this video:

Thanks B.Rohrer.

And you thought YOU were a real fan. :)

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55 thoughts on “Is this the biggest Shahrukh Khan fan?

  1. It’s funny, I had never imagined SRK as a slave tethered to a wildcat in the shadow of the pyramids, but now that I see him as one, I think know what the artist is getting at. He (or she) is communicating that while SRK understands that he belongs to all of us (note: he’s not exactly struggling to free himself), he too remains at the mercy of fate, pales in glory before great historical monuments, and has chattel value roughly equivalent to a cheetah — which, for all I know, was extremely high in that place and time but hardly incalculable. It’s not exactly what I’d try to communicate, but I guess part of the greatness of SRK is that he touches all of us in different ways.

    In any case, I congratulate you, Sitaji, for posting this artwork. May I also express some envy that you have friends clever enough to ferret out such work and thoughtful enough to direct your attention to it.

  2. everybody thinks they are SRK’s greatest fan … and the pix ARE fun! very nice…but this hardly qualifies as SRK’s greatest fan!

  3. Brahmanadam! Thanks for your comment AND for sending me the image to begin with.

    Sandi & Bristi Basu,
    you both make good points about SRK’s fan base. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  4. shweta,
    I share your reaction. It’s fandom on another level and that particular piece was the most “Wow!” for me and I wanted to share it. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    naveed akthar, thanks for the link.

  5. This is so funny!!!

    It’s the Hmong girl again. :)

    I read your briefly on Aamir and the actors in the 80s. OMG, I thought I was the few who has seen Govinda/Neelam!!!! I need to review their films. I looooove them. I’ve always loved them since Ilzaam. I’m still trying to get some of Govinda’s older films on dvd.

    I’ve been reviewing a lot of new Bollywood films but I will review some old ones with screen caps too. :)

  6. Namaste Nicki! I really like Govinda and I admit it. :)
    I noticed approximately 8/10 times if I tell an NRI that I like Govinda, their face will sort of look so confused trying to understand HOW. LOL. Maybe he has greater appeal to the Hmong and Goris. I’d love to wrestle with Govinda, or run through a field, or dance with him! Come and find me Govinda! I look forward to your reviews and screen caps. I’ll have to ge Ilzaam. I’m thinking a good thing to do would be to add a page where I ask for movie recommendations. And I’ve gotta add you to the blogroll too.
    All the best!

    p.s. when I go and see Indian movies at a theater here in Minneapolis, sometimes I see a Hmong or 2, so you are not alone. :)

  7. wow! it is very nice. I am also the great fan of king khan and i also do the remix of his songs of every picture. you have a great job but i want ot see srk in positive way. i don’t want to say that it is bad but actully i want to see srk as king in your design.

    i am waiting for your reply. mail me at

  8. I m not a SRK fan like u.SRK isn’t a good actor at all.HE is known 2 all by his overacting,really he makes his cine character more disgusting by adding more overact than real act.He isn’t in the caliber like Big B,Mithun,Amir,Salman and even not match with Saif 2.But 1 thing i hv 2 appreciate that is, SRK’s personal life and hard working abilities and for this reason i adore him.Bazigar,DDLG,KKHH,Daar,CDI r in my fav list.I love his Anjam character’s most.Rest of all his movies really boring.

  9. Hey girl! That’s my next film to review – Ilzaam! :) I just did Yeh Vaada Raha – we Hmong people loooove that movie! I have a family in MN but I hardly talk to them anymore but one of my childhood friends live there. I told her about your blog and she finds it very useful. :)

  10. Bijay,
    Thanks for stopping by. I agree that SRK pictured as a king would be more fitting than him being pictured as a ghulam (slave/servant) here. I’m not the artist, but I included some links so best of luck in getting in touch with him or her.

    Crazy on Bollywood,
    You’re right that SRK is known for his overacting. You make a great point about how hardworking he is. I liked him in all the movies you included. He was really good in Daar and Bazingar at playing a freak. I really liked him in OSO, Swades, and Devdas (of course Dilip did it better, but SRK also did well in a different way) and his small role in Shakti was nice too. I just accept him as the overacting actor. :) Thanks for your comments! On a related SRK note, a friend gave me the Swades soundtrack which I’ve been enjoying. Remember this?

    Thanks for telling the Minneapolis Hmong about this site. :) I look forward to reading your write up of Ilzaam!

  11. Hey there again!

    Just wrote review with caps on Ilzaam.

    I told my friend in MPLS about your blog. She thinks it’s really useful. Maybe next time you go to the theater and my friend does too, I’ll tell her to say hi to you next time.

    After doing the Ilzaam review, I may have to do Hatya and Love 86!!!!

  12. Sita-ji–I finally visited the actual site, and all I have to say is, if I found a site with my picture photomanipulated like his has been, I’d be kinda scared. LOL

  13. main jyada kuch nahi kahunga ,,,,,bas main ye kehna chahta hoon ki SHAHRUKH KHAN JI ke jaisa is duniya me doosra koi nahi hai ,,,,,SHAHRUKH KHAN SAHAB hamare HINDUSTAN ki shaan hai ,,,,,aur hum sab ki jaan hai

  14. My dear shivam,
    I don’t know what you’re saying here, but I trust it’s pure enthusiasm for SRK and mother India. At least my very, very, very small knowledge of Hindi makes your statement look like that. Jai SRK! Jai Hind!
    Thanks for stopping by.

    (My Hindi/Angrezi bilingual friends, in case this the above comment says anything offensive, just let me know and I’ll eliminate it.) :)

  15. I appreciate your friendship with SRK;
    He is the real king of Bollywood,
    Aamir Salman Akshay kuch bhi nahi uske samne
    He haas personality, Superb acting, Hand some What to say everything is less near him.

  16. Hello

    Somebody pointed me to this site and I read with interest your comments.

    Ajnabi… I too occasionally get scared by what SRK does to my mind :p!

    The thing is just that he, like nobody else I know, lends himself to this kind of theatralics… and that is not meant with disrespect. I have a high regard for his acting, which is on a different level to ‘realist’ acting but that is again not a bad thing. He can touch people on a level that the more realistic acting can’t. Part of that shows in my pictures. Oh… and while I never depict him as a king (*grins* maybe not fan enough?) … I think about half of my images show him as the warrior hero while the other half shows him as the victim of circumstances. To me he is both.

  17. B.Rohrer-ji!
    I am delighted that you’d come to this humble blog. You are so correct in your observations here:

    I have a high regard for his acting, which is on a different level to ‘realist’ acting but that is again not a bad thing. He can touch people on a level that the more realistic acting can’t.

    You said it perfectly! and the hero/victim characterization is wonderful. I wonder if SRK has seen your work? Incidentally, the post I added here with your work gets many hits.

    I really credit SRK with getting me into Bollywood in the first place, which I speak about in this post. I has been a Prince fan for many years and SRK reminds me of Prince on some level. You can read a bit about what I wrote on that HERE. I believe you are German, hai na? Seems the Germans have an appreciation for both Prince and SRK. I have a bit of German blood running through my veins, so maybe this is why I like these stars too. :)

    Have your seen Billu Barber yet? I think you’d love it since SRK playfully pokes fun at his overacting-heroic film image, and plays an exaggerated version of himself. I am reminded of his quote, “I sell dreams” from Choti Writer’s Weblog whose blog quotes SRK, the motto behind my writing has been Shah Rukh Khan’s following words: “I SELL DREAMS, and want to make the people happy, even if it is only for a few hours.” Like SRK, you sell dreams too with your images. :) Keep up the great work B.Rohrer! I look forward to seeing more of it. Thanks again for your visit. I am honored and am touching your feet.

    All the best!

  18. First of all i should say i am amazed by these awesome SRK creations by B.Rohrer. So i take this opportunity to congratulate him for his deep creativity…

    Secondly, thank you Sitaji for mentioning about my blog:)

  19. iselldreams-ji,
    And thanks to you for reminding me of that SRK “I sell dreams” quote. I hope B. Rohrer stops back to see your compliments.

    So glad that you showed me B. Rohrer’s work in the first place. Rohrer indeed captures the essential SRK, and now we know from his posting here, just how much he “gets” SRK.

  20. Well well… lots of flattery here… and I can’t pretend I’m not tickled pink ;). I’m glad you think I do ‘get’ SRK. It is my way of exploring something that cannot really be known.

    I won’t stop that quickly mistreating SRK… can’t help it when I get struck by an idea. Funny thing is, the pictures inspire stories… and I never know where THEY are leading me. I don’t have a story in mind when I make the pictures, so at the end I often have to find the story to the image.

    SRK has been my entry to Bollywood too. And at the beginnig it was pretty exclusively concentrated on him, but in the meantime I’ve discovered other actors, movies and sides. I have to thank SRK for opening that world to me.

    I’ve seen Billu and liked it a lot. It’s different but I liked it. Irrfan has done a great job. He’s become another of my favorites. And I think the contrast works well between the villager’s world and the ‘glam’ of the film world, which in the end is also just… work. I do think SRK did take the opportunity to let Sahir say a few things he’d like to himself… but don’t quite go with the public image ;).

  21. B.Rohrer-ji,
    Of course you “get” SRK! Thanks for checking back in and letting us in on how you create your works. I think it’s quite understandable how SRK lends himself to being tortured artistically by you. ;) Fun to read that SRK was your entry to the wonderful world of Bollywood too. Just think how much enjoyment the masses have received from him and Bollywood. I’m glad you enjoyed Billu and the performance of Irrfan and SRK, whose chaaracters were so nicely juxtoposed. SRK did indeed use Sahir to speak for him. All the best and keep up the great art work friend. :) I’ll keep check back to your site to see if there’s something new, or send any updates here.

  22. Dear Shahrukh.I Am sanjana studying in eleventh standarad.
    Shahrukh dont worry about knight riders,they will surely win and make our king happy.we dont want our favourite hero to lose hope.If we hear anything sad or bad about you automatically tears fill our eyes.we love you so much shahrukh.Im Studying in ooty in a boarding school from my childhood and whenever i go to school after my holidays i feel sad that i cannot see my favourite shahrukh again.shahrukh i have a small brother and sister who loves you so much ,they are also studying in day we had a dream that you are coming to our school and leaving your son and cute daughter in our school and telling us to take care of them.i was so excited and told my sister and brother that i had a dream like this and we three started to cry like anything that we couldnt see our shahrukh.we love to see you in the flim don shahrukh.there is nobody in the world like you shahrukh.that beautiful and charming smile on your face and we love to see you as don once again shahrukh.please do don2 shahrukh.we are waiting to see our handsome hero once again in don.waiting for your reply mail id is know that you are a very important person and will find it difficult to read and give a reply to these small loving letters.but please spare a little time to give us a reply that will fill our hearts with joy forever that our favourite shahrukh has read our little loving letters.want your mail id shahrukh.we are searching for days to get your mail id shahrukh.we love you shahrukh. bye .From your ever loving fan sanjana.

  23. shahrukh khan-ji,
    VAY! How kind of you to visit. I love your work.

    Thanks for writing all the way from ooty. I don’t think SRK reads this blog, but if he did, I’m certain he’d like reading your kind message. Best of luck to you yaar! :)

  24. hi are you.i like your favourite flim of yours is don and kal hona ho.your my favourite and loving actor.i love you so much.please do DON-2 as i like seeing you as don.shahrukh iam studying in seventh std.

  25. While I dare not claim to be SRK’s biggest fan, I thank B.Rohrer for making it possible to keep a nice facsimile of him chained in my closet. She was kind to share with me an image of Mr. Khan that she created some time ago, which I printed as a poster and hung where I don’t have to share him with anybody else. :-)
    He still gives me a thrill when I see him in my closet – almost as much fun as my Shah Rukh doll.

    • Nyanna-ji,
      Love your comment. So funny that you have SRK’s image shakeled in your closet. :) You have THE DOLL!?! I am impressed and envious. If you haven’t noticed already, if you scroll up B. Rohrer even stopped in to comment here too. Thanks for reminding me of this post, since it’s been some time since I’ve looked back on it, prior to this I’d but the B. Rohrer images into the closet of my mind. :)

  26. Hi Sitaji,
    I don’t post comments very often, but being another Bollyfanatic in the Twin Cities I do read your blog. I post on BollyWhat? as jjake61. I have always missed the meet ups you have organised and am hoping another one will materialize soon. Maybe for Housefull? Can you e-mail me when you have another or next time you go let me know and I can find you and say hi. I frequently go just by myself if I can’t drag my daughter. I went to see Varudu yesterday. It was an awesome cheese fest. Anyway I love your blog. Thanks!

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  28. You have a decent number of movies coming up each week and so you have a good number of options
    at hand. Rather than jet off cozily with Priyanka,
    Shahrukh instead complained of feeling ill and gave some
    indication of not being able to attend the event at all.
    The narrow border frame in teal green colour has a set of flowers in red and blue neatly arranged throughout the border.

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