Bommarillu (2006) & Genelia D’Souza. Sometimes I sneak over to Tollywood.

I know this is a Bollywood blog, but sometimes I have to talk about Tollywood.

I saw my second Telugu film the other day: Bommarillu (2006).  The first Telugu film I saw was Varsham (2004), which I enjoyed just as much.  I was excited to see Genelia D’Souza in a movie, since her much anticipated Bollywood film Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na is set to debut this weekend. If you’re curious as I am about JTYJN, Nawab theBollywoodFan has translated the songs from the movie (music by A. R. Rahman!) and given a lot of great preview information at his site.  He’s also had some brushes with the film’s director, Abbas Tyrewala, that you can read about here.

D’Souza is adorable ADORABLE as Hasini in Bommarillu.

She’s like the daughter of Kajol and Rani if that were possible, with a dash of Tanuja, and twist of Gidgit; meaning if she were any cuter she’d explode.  The movie reminded me of DDLJ, KKHH, and Cinderella.  Its appeal is vast, but in particular, I think all 8-12 year old girls out there would adore this movie.  Second to D’Souza, my other favorite part in the film was the domineering father, marvelously played by the brutally handsome Prakash Raj.  I was delighted to find that when this move is remade in Hindi, one of my favorite hot villains, Nana Patekar, will play the father.

My favorite number from the film is Laloo Darvaja, with music by Murali, Naveen, Priya Prakash; lyricist: Kulasekhar.
Here’s another song from the film, Bommani Geesthe, with music by Jeans Srinivas, and Gopika Poornima, lyricist; BhaskaraBhatla.  Reminds me a bit of DDLJ :
Would you like to know more about Bommarillu?  Then head over to theBollywoodFan, Apni East India CompanySai and Shujath Talk Cinema, and Baba Aur Bollywood for some excellent insight. If you consider yourself to be intuitive, this screen capture from the film could be interpreted as a spoiler:
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25 thoughts on “Bommarillu (2006) & Genelia D’Souza. Sometimes I sneak over to Tollywood.

  1. Thank you for the link, Sita-ji! I’ll look forward to checking out Bomarillu soon. Genelia looks very pretty, and it’s even got Karan Singhania from Rang De Basanti!

    Love the banner you have atop the blog! Cheers.

  2. Namaste mere blogwallah dosto!

    Shree theBollywoodFan,
    Glad you liked the banner image which I lifted off of someone’s flickr account:

    No, I don’t own the CD (yet). I’m so dense, I was like “who is Karan Singhania?” when you were giving me the character’s name, not realizing that he is one and the same as SIDDHARTH! DUH! He was great too. Great pout. I enjoyed the scenes where he acted like a hot head like his dad, and then would suddenly realize his error. BTW, while looking up “Karan Singhania,” one of the sites I stumbled upon is one of my favorites, Philip’sfil-ums. Check out his RDB essay.

    Shrimati ajnabi,
    I think this is a movie that neighbor of yours who is also a film critique, would adore.

    Shrimati Shweta,
    So glad you’ve seen it too! I hot linked your write up into my post. Hope that’s ok. Glad to know you sometimes dabble in the Tamil and Telugu scenes. I also tried some Bengali and Malayalam films.

  3. Pardon the confusion, Sita-ji, a result of hopeless enthusiasm for one of my favorite films :)

    Thank you for the link to the RDB essay. It is well done, and I’ll be contacting Philip for some advice!

    The JTYJN artwork is splendid. The CD even comes with a book with the lyrics in roman! I really enjoyed the film. Hope you did/do too. Cannot wait to the DVD!

  4. Adab Nawab theBollywoodFan. Purely my confusion, no problem. Philip is fantastic and will email you back, as I know from following the link on his site an pestering him with an email or 2. He’s very gracious. I keep meaning to forward Sheweta’s bollywood bloggers info. to him and will get to that. He’s in the aftermath of that recent flood right now in Iowa, but reported to have survived. Can you imagine being able to take his class in college. What fun!

    I just got home from Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na. VAY!




    I give it an A-, or and 8.5 out of 10, only loosing points from me for no dancing (those club scenes don’t count) and the truncated songs. Imran has a brilliant career ahead of him considering his performance here. Loved it! And did I mention that I loved it? I missed fireworks since I attended the 9 p.m. show, but who needs fireworks on the 4th of July when I had this movie?

    Genelia holding the kitten was way too cute. Her emo brother was a nice touch. Loved Paresh Rawal, as always. And I especially loved Salmaan Khan’s brothers’ Arbaaz and Sohail’s parts. Oh, and that tight slap to the face in the parking garage by her young Rishi Kapoor look alike fiance was a great touch of drama. Those slaps catch me every time.

    Your impressions?

  5. I saw RDB soon after it came out and remember pretty much everything about it except for Siddharth (am going to bury myself for my lack of observation, soon!) – cant belive I was so dazzled with Soha-Madhavan and the rest of the cast that I totally didnt notice this uber-cute guy!!!! :-(

    Anyway, have to check out Bommarillu – its been too long since I watched a Telugu film and this one looks like my kind of movie (cute people and tons of romance!).

    Cant wait to watch JTYJN – hopefully soon….

  6. Hi Sita-ji: That class would be the most wonderful thing, na? I had taken a one-year course in college titled ‘Aesthetics, Values, and Authority’. Our professor discussed these three things as reflected in various media — film being one of the most crucial. And it was a lot of fun watching films and discussing them verbally and literally. What would have made it better is Bollywood films being the subjects! :)

    Really, really glad you enjoyed Jaane Tu! Did you really go into the movie hoping for more dance, knowing that Pappu couldn’t dance?! ;) No, I agree with you on the dances.

    They were all so very good! You must post more on the film, especially the slaps to the face — the one with ‘What’s this?’ and the show of the hand =)

    I loved the film too. Here are some initial thoughts:


  7. Hey! First of all, thanks for visiting my blog. I have never read that book but I read another book about the Hmong people. It’s pretty new. It’s called the Latehomer by Kalia Kao Yang. The author lives in MN and does a lot of book signings there.

    I’m so glad to know that you already have a knowledge of Hmong people. Of course, living in MN helps too. I’m glad to meet you.

    Yes, I’ve seen Bommarillu before. It’s really cute. I love Genelia too. Maybe when I rewatch it, I’ll review it. :)

  8. Hey Nickie, Thanks for stopping in. I see on your blog that you just posted on “Ghandi, My Father” and since I am about to watch it, I’ll wait to read what you have to say until after I’m done. I’ll have to check out that book you mentioned too. We’ll be in touch. :)

  9. LOL theBollywoodFan on the “What’s this?” screen capture idea. :) Eventually I’ll get to that. Thanks for idea. I must do an entire post on the tight slap to the face in Indian cinema. I only touch on the slap in my “movies” page, and an occasional post but must develop an entire post to the slap.

    ‘Aesthetics, Values, and Authority’ class sounds excellent and would have been even better with a Bollywood twist. Too bad there wasn’t a Bollywood major in college.

    Yes, despite knowing that Pappu couldn’t dance, I just naturally expected more dancing, even though there were no real dancers in JTYJN. Still excellent though. Too bad Genelia doesn’t have Madhuri dancing skills.

  10. Adab Sita-ji: That class was much fun indeed. After I posted my comment here, I wrote to my professor, recommending Lagaan be used in the class :) I don’t doubt that she won’t!

    Yes, that post with the tight slaps can be path-breaking!

    Madhuri Dixit was born to dance. She is so good…have you seen Dil with Madhuri and Aamir Khan?

  11. Dear,Friend
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  12. haha i started loving genelia ever since i watched “bommarillu” last year! since then, she has been my favorite, and so i was anticipating “jaane tu ya jaane na” as well. both “bommarillu” and “jaane tu ya jaane na” are my two most favorite films! genelia is so fantastic! :D

  13. A movie critic says, “Genelia is the sweetest face ever in Bollywood”. I fully agree. She is THE SWEETEST EVER and one of the Most Beautiful ever.

  14. Roop,
    Thanks for your visit. Genelia certainly does have a sweet face and seems to have the attitude to match that. Maybe she’ll study her dancing for her future roles, but she’ fine just as she is now. :)

  15. Sitaji,
    I agree with your views. Dancing may be an added advantage, but I don’t beileve that to be a good actor one has to be a good dancer. Especially if the actor is as good as Genelia.

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