SOS! Or SOB, as in Save Our Blog! Help save a fellow Bollywood fanatic’s blog.

Calling all Bollywood bloggers and Bollywood blog readers! SOB!

I was hopping around the web tonight and found some spectacular photos of Bollywood stars. Let me tell you how it all happened. I finished watching the thriller Aggar (2007) and was doing my customary post movie research. I usually like to refresh my memory about where I may have seen the actors before and find out about the ones I don’t remember after I’ve finished a film. So this evening, like many other nights, I jumped over to IMDB & wikipedia, and checked out filmographies of the movie’s stars: Shreyas Talpade (hot!), Udita Goswami, and Tusshar Kapoor (also hot, hmm, where have I seen him before?) click:

Tusshar Kapoor( तुषार कपूर; born 20 November 1976) is an Indian actor. He is the son of Bollywood actor Jeetendra and Shobha Kapoor and brother of producers Ekta Kapoor & Sharan Kapoor. He studied at the University of Michigan. (wikipedia)

Then I think, “Hey, I still haven’t seen Jeetendra, maybe I’ll see Caravan (1971) since it also stars Asha Parekh who I also haven’t seen!” So I’m thinking I will kill 2 birds with one stone, hain na? Now I want to see some photos of them, so I do a google image search and find great stuff. Excellent stuff! So many great shots at this one place. For example, photos like these of Madhubala and Asha.

The blog source of these fantastic pictures About section reads:

About Me: Karen, Fanatic fan of hindi movies! Love the classical ones just as much as the new ones (pretty apparent from the blog)! Madhuri Dixit is my favorite actress and Salman Khan is my fav actor!

Ahh! a kindred spirit! Then I read this sad news there:

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Regarding anyone who has iterest in my blog if it hasn’t already become apparent, i have pretty much abandoned this blog. reason being that i thought that no one cared about this blog so i stopped doing stuff with it. plus i have so many pics that it became very long and tedious to upload pics. so i uploaded my pics into webalbums! which if you want you can view at i have now also ran out of space here and i still have a lot of pics to upload! so i will i guess make another account! well thanx for all the comments and feedback! do checkout the webalbums!
NAHIIIIIIIIIN! I write this post to show that some one cares. Ek person cares and I’m certain many more care. You’re not the only Bollywood fanatic out there Karen! I feel like this is the MD telathon and I’m Jerry Lewis, asking for your help to save Karen’s Everything Bollywood, This is the Opium of the Masses blog. Yaaro, we can find a cure! At least now you will know where all these pictures are located and be able to find her goldmine of a webalbum if you haven’t already. Here’s to you Karen in Canada! I hope you get some more space on your blog or get another account. I’ll be watching. Hopefully some people reading this will shoot you a word of encouragement too. Thanks for taking the time to upload all those fantastic photos Karenji!

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21 thoughts on “SOS! Or SOB, as in Save Our Blog! Help save a fellow Bollywood fanatic’s blog.

  1. Sukriya memsaabji! I was hoping you’d look at the lush Shammi gallery she has, missing lots of links but this one still works:

    I especially liked this:

    At least if it goes away maybe you can find her images at the other gallery.

    I also like this one of Pran, since the hair, or wig hair is go great:

  2. I know, I love the Revolt of the Calorie Watchers. It’s hilarious. And yes, lovely Shammi pics, although I’ve seen them. The one of Pran is from Evening in Paris. His hair was so orange in it, for some unknown reason.

  3. Yeah, I visited her blog a number of times, but have I missed something here? I don’t get what this post is all about. Her account is full, so she’s opening a new account – she’s not removing her pictures from the web, so what’s there to worry about?

  4. I was just having some fun in responding in an hysterical Bollywood manner. :)
    In particular I was reponding to her comment:

    “reason being that i thought that no one cared about this blog so i stopped doing stuff with it.”

    I was a bit afraid that she would also possibly remove the existing blog, and then poof, the pictures would be gone.
    Thanks for stopping by.

  5. What a co-incidence! I also found her blog just a couple of days ago while looking for images of some older actors and found her lovely gallery of hard-to-find old photographs. Guess, she was peeved at not getting any comments but, how is one to know that the blog exists? Now that I do know, am going to visit often! :-D

  6. Hello bollyviewer! What a coincidence indeed. I loved all those rare images, especially the old newpaper article that were scanned. There were s many on Meena Kumari.

  7. Thanks for this post – gave me a link for the first time to Karen’s blog which indeed has some lovely pics.

    Hope she continues to blog


  8. THANK YOU SO MUCH SITAJI!!! I truly did not think that so many people actually liked my blog! i landed up on this blog by searching for picxs of something and landed here, took me a while to relize what thi topic was about! the reason that i started my blog was cuz 1 i wanted to save my pics and 2 cuz i wanted everyone else to see them! after not getting a lot of replies i assumed that no one was interested in my blog so i stopped blogging and started to save my pics directly into the web albums, i have way to many pics and im running out of space! so i have like 4 google accounts to have anough room for all of the pics! the reason all of the links are dead on the blog are because i mnoved all the pictures to different albums so here the links (correct) for all of my albums:




    at the moment i cant find this account i really hope that it didnt get deleted cuz well quite frankly ill be pissed off!


    I’m am rushing to you, touching your feet! Lakh, lakh sukriya for stopping in and for posting all those FANTASTIC photos. I hope to do a post soon to provide these links you’ve given here to feed the hungry Bollywood lovers out there. I hope that’s OK. :) Your work is fantastic and I so appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into these albums. Thanks again friend and be in touch! :)

    Adab Nawab theBollywoodFan-ji,
    Thanks for your comment and I know like me you appreciate Karen’s time. Yet you may be secretly cursing Karen for posting such irresistible material. There’s a chance that all Karen’s photos will distract me from doing things I need to do, for example, like going to work. :)

  10. Thanx again Sitaji, ur truly praising me to much, i really don’t deserve it! And you can go all out and post the links where ever! I’m just happy to know that there are other people out there who are just as crazy as I am for Bollywood movies! The main thing that im looking for now is Old film magazine scans (from 50′ 60′ & 70’s) and vinyl records ( dont like ebay) theses are the current things that I’m obsessed with at the moment! i have around 3000 pics on my hard drive right now that i still have to upload into my albums so i hope you guys finish going through all the albums soon, cuz there is a lot more to come! P.S. have kinda fixed the blog, all links go to albums!

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  12. My career began during early 2008 virtually from Bollywood Club. I am likely to record first movie song during november 2010 – not sure but perhaps english song in bangla movie.
    Thanks BFC members for wishes and blessings.

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