Bollywood Insider: Latest reports from June, 2008

Once again it’s time to get the latest Bollywood chugli from Suzi Mann, Bollywood Food Club’s favorite entertainment correspondant. Suzi gives us the latest news hot off the press on all your favorite Bolly stars!



From June 6, 2008:

Emraan cashes in, Fresh start for Akshay

From June 13, 2008:

Get the latest on Bollywood’s biggest stars in a special feature on the 9th International Indian Film Academy Awards hosted in Thailand.

From June 20, 2008:

Sanjay Romances Ash, Kaif voted sexiest woman

From June 27, 2008:

Bolly goes futuristic in Love Story 2050

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7 thoughts on “Bollywood Insider: Latest reports from June, 2008

  1. Thanks for getting us caught up with the news and gossip, Sita-ji! A couple of notes:

    Sanju and Ash were part of an intimate scene in Shabd. It was an art film that I loved (it really was pretty good, Sanjay played a writer), but it didn’t do too well, much like another film starring Tabu that I liked didn’t, Meenaxi :(

    Cannot believe there are suggestions that Katrina bought her way to the top of the list. Tsk-tsk. Even Captain Russell (Lagaan) was more gracious in defeat. Memo to Ash: You ain’t catching up to Katrina or Kareena! ;)


    PS: Hope Akshaye’s rehab works wonders. He seemed to have taken his role in Gandhi My Father too seriously…

  2. Adab TheBollywoodFan,
    Meenaxi & Shabd are films I didn’t know about, and have made note, thanks. I know yaar, Suzi had some tough news on Aish, but I’m hoping it’s all just some spin to provide a story for Bollywood Insider. I’m just trying to keep the glass half full for Aish. Katrina’s beauty grew on me, and of course Aish is stunning. There’s all kinds of room for beautiful people, so she need not worry that’s she’s be out-beautified. That June 13th clip at the International Indian Film Academy Awards may have been a bit telling at 1:08, when Aish interrupts her husband, though he didn’t seem to mind and agreed with her comment. Still it was a bit uncomfortable to watch, yet oddly entertaining too. :) I admit it, I have celebrity schadenfreude from time to time.

    I also enjoy posting Suzi’s videos as Suzy is mere real naam, so I feel a pleasurable Bollywood connection with her on several levels. I wonder if her real naam is Sita?
    I didn’t know about Askaay Khanna’s alcohol problem and hope he recovers. I never saw Khanna’s Ghandi, only Ben Kingsley’s. Speaking of chugli & Ghandi, here’s some Ghandi chugli:

    Thanks for stopping in…will you send me free Bollywood DVDs? :)

  3. Ash truly doesn’t need to worry about being out-beautified. I guess those in the entertainment industry somewhat depend on the buzz they create, and she was probably just upset at losing out to Katrina Kaif. I remember rooting for her in the Miss India contest, in which she was the first runner-up (Sushmita Sen was the winner). She has come a long, long way since then, of course. And something like this does not befit her. Typical of her to interrupt Abhishek like that! =)

    I wasn’t aware of Akshaye’s problem too. I do think he’s one of the better actors, really. I liked Gandhi My Father. Here’s my review:

    There was this song in it that was amazingly well done:

  4. Adab theBollywood Fan,

    I’d like to think to the Aish stuff as just editing and spin, and maybe the clip of her interrupting her husband was simply out of enthusiasm for the film. That’s what I hope. I would of course be touching Abi’s feet most of the day if I were his bibi, and would not have much time to talk, let alone interrupt him! :)

    Maybe you’ll have an opportunity to buy Akshays a bottle of Johnnie Walker should you happen to see him in LA for any reason. ;) I support his recovery, but it would be fun to have a drink with him. One day at a time Akshaye, you can do it!

    I have “Ghandi My Father” at home waiting for me to watch, so I appreciate your review and will read it after I watch the film to avoid any spoilers. Oh wait, I guess I know what happened to Ghandi, but I’ll wait to read it just in case.

  5. Adab theBollywoodFan,
    I just posted a comment on the link you proved above with your review of “Gandhi, My Father.” I also agree on the song you provided the link to as being excellent and well done. And, most importantly, I truly understand your comment above regarding Akshaye’s drinking, “He seemed to have taken his role in Gandhi My Father too seriously…” I thought I understood the comment, but wanted to watch the movie to be sure, and now I am. :)

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