I am of your caste and a spinster too!

I often order the Hindi movies at my local library. If it’s Hindi, I order it! Sometimes I end up with rather odd things as was the case with Sabse Badi Ganga Ki Saugandh. Is this maybe a TV movie remake version of Ganga Ki Saugandh (1978)? Maybe the library thought it was ordering the real Ganga Ki Saugandh? Who knows what happened, but now I want to see the real Ganga Ki Saugandh, and after seeing the wonderful screen capture maybe YOU will want to see Sabse Badi Ganga Ki Saugandh, which is from either 2000, or 2003, and sometimes listed as 2004. Dharmendra is cast in the film playing the good cop fighting the dacoits, but I don’t find it in any of his filmographies, so I wonder if it’s from television. Plus the DVD reads Show World Television, which would indicate a television production. I can’t wait to go to India one day, driving around in my Tata vehicle, saying, “I am of your caste and a spinster too!” If you know anything about this campy film, do tell!

Speaking of Dharmendra and dacoits, see what MemsaabStory has to say about Pratiggya (1975).

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7 thoughts on “I am of your caste and a spinster too!

  1. I know shweta, this is shrouded in mystery! I wonder why Dharmendera participated. Did he owe someone a favor? DId he need some $? Did the mafia force him to do it? Have you seen the real Ganga Ki Saugandh with Amitabh?

  2. I havent! The title, as you may be aware, basically means “I swear by the rover ganges,” and it sounds like a dacoit/gunslinger type movie- which i dont normally care for.
    but i really want to se “sabse badi..” now Dharam did a lot of trash in the 80s, when i think he didnt really need the cash, but just wanted to hold on to his machismo. i had no idea that he feel this low though.:)

  3. When I looked for more on it I saw it was part of the New York Public library’s collection too! LOL.


    Yes, Dharmendra played a morally upright badass cop with extreme martial arts skills, bahut macho!

    Dates of the “film” vary. Some sources say it’s from 2000-2004, but it looks like it’s from maybe 1995 or earlier to me.

    And doesn’t “sabse badi” mean something like the greatest? So they’re saying in the title that THIS is the true version of Ganga’s oath or promise or whatever. vs. the Amtibah 1978 version. :D

  4. Namaste Renegade Eye!
    Sorry to report that the music was not too memorable, but the overall performance element (dancing, costumes, acting) with the tunes was good, sometimes a bit trashy, but enjoyable.

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