Video of the Day: “Raat Akeli Hai” from Jewel Thief (1967)

Yesterday’s video was also from Jewel Thief (1967). Today I was inspired by Shweta who commented about yesterday’s sad scene featuring a tearful Vyjayanthimala:

Vayjanti bores me to tears (by her tears) in this one-Dev actually had the option of going out with Tanuja in the movie, who is far more cheerful and peppy- and he chose the former! it boggles the mind.”

Take a look at Tanuja‘s attempt to seduce Dev Anand here in “Raat Akeli Hai” with playback singer extrodinaire, Asha Bhosle, music by S.D. Burman. Yes, Anju (Tanuja) is certainly more spunky and enthusiastic than the sensitive and weepy Shalu (Vyjayanthimala), but more importantly, Anju has a super cool house! Who do you think is a better choice for the jewel thief, Anju or Shalu?

Video thanks to subhashanurag

Since I love the talent shows of India, here’s SVOI Chote Ustad’s 2008 winner Aishwarya Mujmudar’s version of “Raat Akeli Hai,” the sound quality is poor, but she does a fantastic job. Plus, you get to see Alka-ji give the young girl a necklace and many tears of gratitude flow.  I love Alka!

Video thanks to looking4u84

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7 thoughts on “Video of the Day: “Raat Akeli Hai” from Jewel Thief (1967)

  1. I haven’t seen Jewel Thief (now I want to), but Anju would seem to be better aligned to complement a jewel thief in his quest (unless the title is a play on the word ‘thief’ and a jewel is supposed to be a heart, lol). Although her house might inspire an audit and eventually lead to the thief, which can only mean trouble.

    So, if the Jewel Thief is in it for the long term, my vote’s for the more sensitive (and likely more loyal) Shalu! =)

  2. Shweta, her pad is so deluxe! If I won the lottery, I’d design a room just like that for screening Bollywood films. Of course I’d invite all commenters on this blog to join me. And theBollywoodFan, it may inspire an audit! Shalu really comes through in the end with her dance, which I’ll post tomorrow. Whats’ odd about this film, is like I’d written in the first post, I didn’t really like it that much, but I liked all the “parts” the style+dancing+sets+outfits= pyar! Ishq I do think it’s worth a viewing. Plus there’s Helen!

  3. if get a room like that one day, make sure u stock tons of Johnnie- it may taste awful, but how could one resist? (jk)

    i definitely agree w/ u about the movie- it is far lesser than it could have been. and oh….boohoo/weep/wail on shalu loosing ur poll in the end :(

  4. Dear Shweta,

    I find the tingling of Johnnie Walker on the lips quite delightful, as well as the warm feeling the after taste gives. It’s the forbidden taste of the Raj! Of course my Jewel Thief decor room will be stocked with Johnnie Walker, only black and some blue lable, of course. Red lable is only for the help. ;)

    And the poll was obviously unfair, because it was only I who declared the winner. I now will remove her as the winner and give a joint award to Helen and Tanuja, OK? :)

    And yes, the movie is all about the style and the musical numbers for me, and really nothing about the actual movie. All the ingredients were there, but the movie didn’t come out quite right for me.

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