Video of the Day:USA fan club dinner meet – Dr. K.Chaudhry’s message

Here at the Bollywood Food Club, we LOVE Dr. K. Chaudhry.  He has uploaded many (500+!) fine videos and leans toward covering Mohammed Rafi and Kishore Kumar tunes. We haven’t posted one of his cover tunes in a while, and stumbled upon this tonight.  Obviously others in the USA have a love for Dr. K. and started a fan club.  How do I sign up?  Where was this dinner? Here’s what Dr. K. Chaudhry says:

Hi friends in USA
About 310 of you inauguated fan club on April 5, 2008 with a musical evening. Parnav, Varun, Mathews and you all have always been sacrificing their sleep to call me during my day time. Just after 17 days you are celebrating dinner meet at a restautrant.That cannot be described just as a sentimental relationship between a man in Delhi and some hundreds in America. That is a carry forward relationship from some past lives. I remained away from you for 63 years. Now we shall remain together until we live together.

 Enjoy Dr. K Chaudhry:

Video thanks to drkchaudhry

More of Dr. K. Chaudhry from BFC here.

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4 thoughts on “Video of the Day:USA fan club dinner meet – Dr. K.Chaudhry’s message

  1. I know theBollywoodFan! Everytime I check back to Dr. K’s site more and more videos appear. Last I checked it was over 500! Great to know about the song’s relation to the new movie.

  2. Sita-Ji !
    Thanks for your coverage once more. The contact number of fanclub is :-
    Pranav Vir Singh
    480 228 1722
    After a week, you shall read and hear a lot about me. The ongoings are currently confidential.
    Dr K Chaudhry

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