The Unforgettable Tour

I came across The Unforgettable Tour site today and my mind wandered with possiblities.  Would I ever attend this tour?  Which city would be the best place to see the tour?  Would YOU go to this tour?


There is some question about who will participate in this tour. Salman Khan was considered at one point? Is Lara Dutta out?  Is Akshay Kumar in?

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366 thoughts on “The Unforgettable Tour

  1. Hey,
    This is yet another bolly lover in msp. Great site you guys have got going. Didnt know anything about the Unforgettable tour.. nice to find out here..
    Is there a group I have to join to b actively involved in..?

  2. Namaste K! Occasionally we do events and list them in the “upcoming events” section on the page. We sort of kicked around forming a meet up group,

    but haven’t followed through at this time. In the meantime keep checking back to see if we’ve added and event. Also, if there’s a movie or place you want to check out, shoot us a comment and maybe we’ll get together. I look forward to meeting you.

    All the best!

  3. Thanks for the link to the Tour site. Amitabh Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai are two good reasons to go, although Salman Khan’s presence would have made the decision a lot easier. If I went, it would be in Los Angeles. Let’s hope they publish the schedule soon.

  4. You’re right BollywoodFan! It would be better with Salman. I imagine it would be like the huge concert in Canada portrayed in “Taal” with Aish all lovelorn and confused between Anil’s character and Akshay’s character. In the “Unforgettable Tour” these men are replaced by real life loves Abishek and Salman and the drama fuels excellent performances for the audience, just like in “Taal!” For that reason I may have to choose one of the Canadian venues. But wait! No Salman, so I’m back to not knowing where to see it.

  5. I’ve been waiting for dates for months and months. I’m definitely going to try really hard to go – but only if I can make a friend go with me, because it’s no fun to squeal and mock outfits by yourself. I went to the Heat tour two years ago and it was completely enjoyable, although very, very loud. If Chicago is on their itinerary, I’m there. I’m not sure what other US city that they’re likely to visit is remotely close enough for me to go, unless I can combine the show with some other travel, it’s either Chicago or bust for me.

    Not to sound dumb, but I couldn’t get the “track the tour” section to work at all – I tried to click on the map several times and nothing happened.

  6. You’re in luck Beth, Chicago is on the tour! Very cool that you took in the “Heat” tour. The closet I’ve come is the Alka Yagnik and Kumar Sanu concert in Minneapolis, which was excellent, but not a mega tour.

    I think that “Unforgettable Tour” website is under construction and the links may be weird. Try this:

    It says
    San Franacisco
    New Jersey

    As an avid listener of Dhoom Radio,

    in my active fantasy world, I think it would be fun to try New Jersey and patronize the restarants I hear commercials for on Dhoom.

    Canada has Toronto and Vancouver, and as I wrote above, the Taal-esqu appeal is a lure for me.

    I think it’s a good idea to combine the tour with a trip. If I end up going to in down near Chicago, I’ll have to get in touch with you.

  7. You know Beth, I understood the sentiment just the same, and figured it was your Hindi or German coming through, like you’d pyare a lot to be in the same room. :D

  8. Thanks theBollywoodFan! Good lookin’ out. I found this line the most glamourous:

    “I went to a really good doctor, the same one who looks after the Bachchans’ eyes. At last my eye is healed.”

    I would think that would be quite difficult for the Dr. to remain professinal when examining all those stars; that is if she or he’s seen any Bollywood movies at all.

  9. I know, right Sita-ji? That would be a good scene in a comedy flick! The doctor’s performing some sort of eye surgery on Preity or Ash. Then time stops, and we’re taken into this fairy-tale setting where the doc is seen singing “Aankhon mein teri, ajab si ajab si…” from Om Shanti Om. You can bet the Big B would fire the doc right away for singing a song from a Shah Rukh film.

    Okay, sorry for that randomness. On to something more substantive :)

  10. Hi everyone, and I’ve just discovered your bahut bahut achcha website, I love it! Here’s a link to a lot of info about the Unforgettable Tour (specifically the date and location of the Bay Area show): If anyone can find an itinerary for the rest of it (I think that Toronto is 7/18) I would be deeply grateful, as I am SO EXCITED, and will go anywhere in North America to see see Amitabh, etc. in action!!!

  11. toronto is 7/18! And I’ve tried the website several times and it must not be completely operational, so you don’t sound “dumb” at all, Beth!

  12. Thanks jen! Welcome!
    Thanks for the information. It seems rather difficult to get actual dates from their official site, so nobody’s dumb here, just dumb for Bollywood! :)

  13. Hi, all! Just found this:

    It’s a functional website for the Canadian dates and locations: they’ve added Vancouver 8/16 – and I am just sick about this, because I am playing an opera that night here in Seattle where I live and I just can’t BELIEVE I’m going to have to miss AMITABH for it! And if I called in sick that would be the end of my career here so I guess I wouldn’t do absolutely anything for the Big B (just ALMOST anything!)!

  14. Thanks for the link Jen. Well Jen it’s for the best to miss the concert in this case. What opera and what do you play? I think you can dedicate your performance that day specifically to Amitabh, maybe make a little speech before hand. :) Otherwise, if you go to the tour, you’d possibly end up on thee street because you’d be jobless, begging for money, homeless, mumbling, “Amitabh! Amitabh!”

  15. The Superstars of Indian Cinema.
    A Stage and
    An Unforgettable Night.

    Put some of the biggest names together on one stage and what you get is one truly “Unforgettable” experience.

    The Unforgettable Tour is a never-seen-before extravaganza of Indian Cinema’s magic that has gripped the world. The stage is set across six continents for Bollywoods biggest night out. Glitz and glamour combine with cutting-edge technology and world-class production for a spectacle that has to be seen to be believed. Slick and stylized choreography completes the package.

    Get set for the biggest World Tour from India ever!
    (Global Premiere – July 18th, Toronto, CANADA)
    (August 16th, Vancouver)




    ADVANCE TICKET SALE!!! – As a special favour to all our Filmicafe Visitors, you can get advance access to tickets for this event (24 hours before the General Public sale)!

    Pre-Sale – Thursday, 15th May, 2008

    Go to and enter the
    Code: FILMICAFE in the pre-sale Ticket area.

    For more information on the event please visit

    (Note:When entering your presale password into a promotional page, window or box in an email, please ensure you are entering it in the appropriate box: A presale password is not the same as your My Ticketmaster password. We must remind you that Ticketmaster does not offer refunds or exchanges, so you will not be able to replace the tickets you obtain at a presale with other tickets that subsequently become available).

  16. Beth and Daisy, I too wonder this. As soon as I find something I’ll post it here, or if you do, post it here!
    Thanks friends! :)

  17. Sitaji, I have just now read your hilarious comments! And since that desperate message I have decided to see the show in LA since I won’t have to miss work for it (I’ll be playing clarinet w/Seattle Opera for “Aida”). Here’s more info: 18th July – TORONTO
    General public ticket sale will start Friday May 16th, 2008 on – May 16th, 2008.
    Pre sale for web group members is on May 15th, 2008, register on this website to receive your secret password to access the pre sale.
    26th July – Los Angeles
    27th July – San Fransisco
    02nd Aug – Houston
    09th Aug – Atlantic City
    15th Aug – New York
    16th Aug – Vancouver
    General public ticket sale will start Friday May 16th, 2008 on – May 16th, 2008.
    Pre sale for web group members is on May 15th, 2008, register on this website to receive your secret password to access the pre sale.
    23rd Aug – London (UK)
    24th Aug – London (UK)

    You may have already seen all of this but here it is anyway. When I last checked I couldn’t find any info about tickets on Ticketmaster but it sounds as though it may be posted soon. Where will you see it?! THANKS for this great and fun site!

  18. Hi, I’m so glad I came across all of you guys….!!!
    I’am dying to see this Unforgettable tours…
    It seems like we never get any concert (Bollywood) in Minnesota…They are coming to Chicago, and that would be the closest to me.
    Does anyone know where I can purchase tickets from…Please let me know…oh my….

    Thank you,

  19. Hi Everyone, and Sitaji, I love the picture from “Black”!

    Here’s what I just found:

    Tickets for the 7/26 Los Angeles show (LA Sports Arena) go on sale online TOMORROW!!! Friday, May 23 @ 10 am PDT. I am SOOOOOOO excited, and will get my tickets ASAP!

    Has anyone seen “Gumnaam”? I discovered the fantastic video of the most FAB song and dance (“Jaan Pahechan Ho”) from this “horror film” on YouTube when looking for live footage of Rafi sahib (found that using different search words), and it is SO much fun!

  20. p.s. I did see the entire film (a great rental resource: they have pretty much everything old-new and all else from South Asia!) and it’s a quirky retelling of the Agatha Christie story “Ten Little Indians”. Manoj Kumar, Helen (yeah!) and Pran, who I always love…

  21. Sorry Farden, wish I knew if Bips would be there.

    Jen, Glad you liked the banner image from “Black.” I really didn’t dig the movie, but that’s a great image of Rani acting blind, and Amitabh-ji acting Alzheimer’s-ish. Also, thanks for the excellent news about the LA show AND that other great link regarding “Gumnaam.” I’ll have to check out that site.

    theBollywoodFan, I am jealous! Have fun! :D

    Sorry I haven’t been bloggin’ lately. Hope to post more soon. :)

  22. Congrats to The BollywoodFan, and see you there: I got my tickets this morning, too, SHABASH!!!!!! I can’t wait!

  23. and Sitaji, your statement, “…but that’s a great image of Rani acting blind, and Amitabh-ji acting Alzheimer’s-ish.” LOVE IT!

  24. i am going to the show in LA i wanted to know if there is anyway to meet the actors backstage. are there specific tickets for that?

  25. Great Question Sara. In the smaller Indian shows that have come to the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) there has usually been an option to pay extra to go back stage, so it wouldn’t be a shock if this was a possiblity for this show too. Yet maybe with such big stars they won’t have this option. If you find out let us know here at the blog. Thanks for stopping by. :)

  26. How come there are 2 website for this TOUR and one has CHicago and the other don’t …If anyone knows any info, I would appreciate it. Thanks.

  27. hi everyone iam from vancouver i was wondering does anyone know if we could get backstage ticketss??? or is there a way to meet the stars?

  28. Like so many people, i also want to know if we could possibly meet the stars maybe in the airport or before the show starts.

  29. Hello all.
    I don’t know any answers regarding backstage access, but I’m assuming that whoever is handling the local aspects of the various concerts will know that information.

    The official site keeps getting updated and is a bit more interesting now. At this point I don’t see Chicago listed, but maybe it will show up later as things keep changing.

    Click here:

    then click the schedule link.

    To Monica, in Vancover, the local promoter is called “Ethnic Guru” and their site will have more information about the backstage access:

  30. Hi, I am really excited to attend this show. I would have liked to attend the Nassau Collisium show on Aug 15th, however, I’ve already booked my vacation to Trinidad for the most of August. I see that Trinidad and Tobago is listed as a stop for this tour. Do you know when the date of the concert there? Many thanks!

  31. This is for fellow canadians who need info on the tour.

    I don’t know about you all but The Unforgettable Tour tix are very expensive…more than madonna tickets and she is actually singing her own songs.

    In regards to the Toronto show:
    Contrary to reports flying around, Madhuri is NOT performing in Toronto. If you want to see her, then you have to fly to vancouver or to any of the state side shows. She’s part of that crew.

    I wouldn’t trust the roster for the Canadian dates that is being announced. My high standing sources tell me that contracts are still being negotiated ie: pay for the cast and crew.

    as for tix:

    I must tell you that the buzz is that the Ethnic Guru (the toronto promoters) have kept the best tix (meaning tix that go for $400 a piece) for themselves and their friends and telling everyone that they are “going fast”..typical marketing ploy and trying to show their “sponsors” that the feedback is worth their hard earned sponsorship dollars. I certainly hope that isn’t the case with the state side shows.

    there are alot of tix available for the vancouver and toronto shows just go to They are the only place where tix are available. You can however skip the ticketmaster fees by going directly to the venue to get tix. Crazy expensive prices indeed which explains why tix are still available. Not sure how a family is supposed to afford to go to this event as typically these bollywood stage shows are geared to a family audience.

    I’ll be skipping this show. Because I’d rather spend the money to see a real band. Love Abhishek but at the price of these tix, I can buy a pair of gorgeous shoes where I can wear forever and is not a fleeting memory as this show will be.

  32. Good point bollyholly! I’m visually weighing in my mind a new pair of shoes and a authentic live performance on one hand and in the other the tour and right now your idea wins! I’d love to see the show, but it will depend on whether I find an appealing deal since I’d have to fly to the venue. Thanks for stopping by and for the great information about Ethnic Guru & the Canada shows. Very helpful. :)

  33. hey problem..just feel bad b/c I know of cases where people were buying tix to the Toronto show thinking that Madhuri was going to be there…

    and Ethnic Guru is doing both Toronto and Vancouver shows.

    Normally I wouldn’t care, but hate to see people get duped..especially fans who are looking to spend their hard earned dollar on this…

  34. how can u justify over $200 a ticket to see the bachan family? I think Ethnic Guru is simply taking advantage of Indians in N. America by making this show a bigger ticket than it really is. These are indian actors who earn rupees not dollars, so why are we paying 8000 Rs a ticket…no one in India would spend that much to see these people.

    Take a hike Ethnic Guru, I hope the show flops….and the actors are a no show

  35. by the way….ash is pregnant, I met her at a fund raiser in Mumbai last week….so she is definetly not doing her regular performance.

  36. hey everyone…funny thing is that Ethnic Guru have a facebook group “The Unforgettable Tour! Canada are you ready!”…you must check it’s a gas…;-)

    but that’s not the funniest part…

    Ethnic Guru guys are posting requests to be invited to the VIP “lounge” at the rogers center (toronto) and to parties that apparently are happening post tour…

    I for one think that is funny..if you are so connected should you know what your stars are up to? ie: have their schedules etc? And certainly not be begging to get invited to parties…. I have a very bad feeling about this…

  37. kg and bollyholly,
    thanks for all that information on the Ethnic Guru, its very telling that they are needing to fish for the VIP invites. All part of the general hype surrounding concerts and promoters.

    Check out this ad for the show in Toronto posted on youtube by the ethnic guru:

    Anonymous, no word on Chicago but I thought that early on that was in the works. I hope a show is added there since it’s closet to where I am.

  38. Thanks bollyholly for that information. Again you’ve very useful!
    rashid, also thanks to you for giving information on the Chicago show.

  39. YES!!! I bought my tickets for the Chicago…I am so happy and excited, can’t wait.

    Oh, by the way, what about backstage pass?
    I went on the and sign up.
    If we win, how we know we won?
    do they just email me, or what?
    If anyone knows, please let me know. Thanks.

    Onces again! so happy,
    Love Amanda.

  40. congratulations to everyone who is seeing the show in The States.

    I see that the pricing is a bit more reasonable from the posters I’ve seen.

    have a great time..I might bump into some of you in New York show as I’ll be backstage.

    have a great time at the concert..the U.S. lineup is far superior than the Canadian shows.

    congrats to those who got tix…;-)

  41. hey all…SRK is coming..

    october 2008 is when his world tour will start…he’s doing a “teaser” concert on the 21st of June in Amsterdam..

    start saving your pennies kiddies…SRK is coming…;-)

    (and yes I’ll definitely be there)…

  42. Hi all,

    Can anyone help in finding tickets to the London Show?
    there’s no info on the website regarding london

    many thenks


  43. hey i have a flyer for this unforgettable tour and it says only amitabh,abhshiek,ash,ritesh,vishal,priety and madhari are coming…so is Madhuri Dixit really coming cuz her pic is on the flyer

  44. hey all..SRK is doing a teaser show in Amsterdam on the 21st…
    then will launch a global tour this October..Morani Brothers are doing the tour.

    I know some of the players ;-) which is why I’m going backstage..nice to not “work” and enjoy for a change. ;-)

    Madhuri is only doing Vancouver. She is NOT doing Toronto (sadly)..

    She is slated for shows in the U.S. but not sure if she’s doing all of the slated US cities. But do know that she will be doing NY and NJ shows.

    hope that helps..;-)

  45. Hello Varsha, I didn’t have any luck finding exact ticket prices, but I liked reading about the Trinidad part of the tour:

    Billionaire business entrepreneur and investor Lawrence Duprey, announcing the event, told the media: “It is an investment in honouring the culture and heritage of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, taking what is unique about us to the world, and bringing cultural experiences from around the world here to enrich our own experiences.”

    Try this:

  46. hi all..been a is the latest on the canadian tour…

    well since the cheapest price for tix for the canadian dates are $100 plus ticketmaster fees…yes you read right.$100 a pop for the rafter seats…tickets not surprisingly are moving at a snail’s pace.

    Floors are sold out (1/2 of them were given away to the sponsors and “friends”) and the rest of the stadium (which seats between 16,000 to 18,000) are totally empty…

    yup..and this show is in 14 days..July 18th…no they are panicking and not sure what to do…

    totally reflective on the (lack of) organizational/promotional skills of Ethnic Guru.

    what did I tell you all?

    hope you are enjoying the sun!

  47. Wow Bollyholly! I can’t believe it’s not a sold out concert. 1/2 of the floors were given away.(that sucks) and 16,000-18,000 are empty. I can’t believe it.
    Do you know by any chance if CHicago is going to be sold out? I got floor seats,too.(in Chicago) But I’m still soooo excited even though if it’s not a sold out concert.
    Is the Canadian tour tickets expensive, that’s why it’s so empty?
    Anyways, I’m excited for the Chicago tour!

  48. Thanks for the update bollyholly!

    Amanda, I bet at the last minute people will fill those extra seats in Chi, maybe even me. :)

  49. Wow, Bollyholly, great insider info, thanks! Do you know if there’s a “playlist” so that we could check out the songs and dances on YouTube or wherever else before this thing?

    And Sitaji, GO to Chicago! It really is a once in a lifetime thing and it’s just all FUN so why not? Plus you can imagine the crowd: thousands of screaming fans as crazy as the rest of us!

  50. IS there any way we cna meet the artists in toronto? I bought front row ticekts mann i hiope its good
    i hope people dont get ot move up i will be PISSED
    i love abhishekh tho andi want to meet him so badlyyyyy
    anyone know where he is staying? I Heard they are coming a little earlier than teh actual date are there any venues they are attending beforehand?

  51. in toronto they are arriving on the 15th and staying at the royal york/fairmont hotel..

    go check it out..have a drink by the bar and watch the action!

    not sure if they will be doing any parties/venues..they are arriving the 15th but I’m sure they will be busy rehearsing for the tour itself since it launches on the 18th

    good luck!!

  52. I say royal york/fairmont b/c that is where they stayed when they came for the press conference last year..and my sources do tell me that is where they are staying..

    I haven’t heard otherwise so I’m saying that its the same hotel..

  53. as for the chicago show..b/c of madhuri’s addition she is really pulling in a lot of tix..that is why the american dates seem to really respond well to audience..unfortunately the canadian lineup is a tad weaker which equals to poor tix sales..and yes..there are grumblings on how can a family afford to take their kids to a show where the minimum price is $100/person.

    So yes, if the tix prices were a bit less expensive then definitely more butts in the seats.. its catching a lot of people off guard..they are all excited and then when they find out how expensive it is.. they say no with disappointed hearts…

    but go to the show in chicago and regardless on whether its sold out or not..just have fun!

  54. I am sure mads will be doing chicago..but let me get back to you on that.. stay tuned ;-)

    fyi: Canadian tour update…

    Toronto tix sales are REAALLY they introduced the Big B and Family Package..floor seats go for $200+ a head, they can’t unload so they are selling it at discount rate of $160+ a head if you buy tix under the special package.

    Contrary to what was going around (and I think I was part of that unfortunate rumour mill. ;-) that the floor seats were sold…apparently not…the show is a about 10 days away..not sure how they are going to pull this one off..

    but hey wi

  55. bollyholly, i was wondering if you know any info about the LA tour and how i could possibly meet any of the stars.

  56. Thanks bollyholly for you infomation. Do you know where all the artist will be staying when they arrive in Chicago?

  57. okay is the latest..

    mads is NOT doing Long Island show, she’s only doing the show in New Jersey..

    but again..things change so fast so don’t quote me on it as a final status..

    as for chicago and l.a. I”ll keep you posted..

    but I do know that local promoters usually have contests for backstage access and / or private meet and greet with the stars, so you should contact the local promoter of your town and find out if there are contests.

    There is never ticketed backstage options for sale…its only invite only..

    stay tuned kiddies…;-)

    Sita-Ji: I have to say I LOVE this much fun!

  58. hey all..

    okay here is the latest on the toronto show. the promoters are losing ALOT of money (millions). Sponsors are pissed.

    tix are NOT moving…Roger’s centre has closed down the upper two sections because tix aren’t being sold so the only tix that they are selling now are for the 100s and the floors.

    They are the point of frustration for all sorts of contracts being breached..

    ie: royal york…they renegaded on an agreement for them to stay at that hotel…yes, they aren’t staying there now..they are staying somewhere up in richmond hill…(that is a good hour away from downtown)….

    again…what did I tell ya..

    don’t worry darlings..I will give you a mads update pronto!

  59. I just want to let everyone know that this “gauri” spent the day on Thursday in Vancouver BC and pawed her way through the “Punjabi Market”, and after about three “cloth houses” and too many faded hanger marks and 50% off sales (you could see why!) and potential “wardrobe malfunctioning” notions on pajama bottoms, found a kick ass salwaar kamiz at the “Arora Cloth House” and I now feel ready to greet Mr. Amitabh Bachchan et al in perfectly Bollywood Geek style! It’s actually a beautiful jewel-toned outfit that is really special, but am I going to look totally stupid being the only white girl in one of these outfits? I sure hope not! Countdown to LA: 14 DAYS!!!!!! Great article in the Toronto National Post (! Go Sitaji Go!!!

  60. okay here is mads schedule. Totally confirmed

    1st show is L.A.
    next show is : San fran.
    next show is: houston
    next show is Atlantic City/NJ
    next show is new york city
    last show is vancouver.

    unfortunately she’s NOT doing chicago..;-((

    Jen so glad for you and your new threads. Work it!

    and yes sarah did a great job with that article.

  61. Sukriya bollyholly. I appreciate your insider information and how you share the latest with us. What would I do without you? :)

    This gori geek is throwing herself at your feet since I’m confused and blinded by your lovely new salwar kameez, thus thinking you hindustani hai! I am so jealous. I wish I lived there and I’d score a salwaar too and we’d meet in the lobby and totally geek out! I just was at Target and was blinded by some golden sandals which I purchased to wear whilst watching bollywood films. I normally don’t go to Target for shoes, but they were so bright and flashing to me as I walked past, how could I NOT buy them. Plus they were only $5.

    Click HERE to Look!,
    If I ever get to the Unforgettable Tour, I will wear these snadals. In case you’re wondering, no the gold balls are unfortunately NOT little bells. :(. Again if I make it, it will be a last minute thing and the venue will have to have Maduhuri. I figure Chicago is closest to me, but if Madhuri isn’t going to be there, that’s not so great. I can just jump on a plane too. I think Atlantic City would be the best most tacky venue for me. I’ve never been there and that would be a great reason to go. I remember last year going to see Alka Yagnik, & Kumar Sunu, in concert here in Minneapolis and wishing I had a salwar kameez to wear. Take a picture in it and post it.

  62. aw…man….Madhuri is not going to be at the Chicago concert. Darn it! I was so hoping she was going to come….I hope and wish somehow at the last minute she’ll change her mind. Thanks for all the infomation, Bollyholly!

    Anyways, I’m looking sooo forward to my Chicago concert.
    Oh, by the way I don’t even know what to wear for this concert, any helpful hint would be appreciated.

    Does anyone know any India store in Minnesota that I can check it out?

  63. hi I always say, you never know she might add on chicago..its always up in the cross your fingers and toes that when you show up at the chicago show you might see her do her magical thing..

    congrats to all who are going and I would love to hear about it…

    take the gold out of the safe…get all chamak chamak..and have a grand old time!

  64. I don’t know the exact time of their flight.

    they are staying at the Hilton in richmond hill but I don’t know the exact name of the hotel.

    they arrive on July 15th (tomorrow) at pearson. But don’t know time…

  65. bollyholly, you are extremely helpful to this forum. thanks for all the information. i am still trying to find out about their flight or hotel plans coming to LA. so if you happen to find any info, i would be pleased to hear.

  66. howz the ticket sales in chicago? and where are the stars stayin chicago? i would believe they would sunday morning since they having show on saturday nite.

  67. They are not staying at hotel in richmond hill. Called . But then again there are 3 hotels around that area owned by hilton.

    if anyones got more scoop let me know,

  68. LOL…Toronto..;-) I admire you calling the hotel, but you must realize that even if they were staying at the hotel, they all stay under code names. So if you call asking for Mr. Amitabh Bacchan they will tell you that “no one under this name is in this hotel”

    Amitabh wiill be downtown Toronto planting a tree. He feels bad that the tix sales are really slow so he wants to show that he is giving back to the community/environment. Which I think is very cool.

  69. Anum, bollywood love, Fahadi, Manjeet, sm, and Toronto Namaste! Thanks for all your comments and excitement.

    I agree about Mads. Why don’t you check out the Minneapolis local Files site for some clothing ideas. There are quite a few stores along Central Av. where you can find clothing for the concert. There’s a place called Bombay 2 Deli at 1840 Central Av.

    and next to it there’s a store called something like Rangeela and they have clothing. There’s also another place way up centra, probably in Hilltop vs. Minneapolis, on the east side of the road, but I can’t recall the name but it’s Muslim sounding, and they have a lot of stuff too. It’s not too far from Nalapak restaurant.
    Good luck!

    And bollyholly! I echo Manjeet’s sentiments about how helpful your information is. Many thanks! I love this interesting tidbit: “Amitabh will be downtown Toronto planting a tree. He feels bad that the tix sales are really slow so he wants to show that he is giving back to the community/environment. Which I think is very cool.”
    I think that’s cool too. He better plant a few! :)

  70. Hi All! Only 10 days till the LA concert, shabash!!!!!!!

    And Bollyholly, thanks for letting us know about Amitji planting a tree: I think it’s awesome, and of course I am now inspired to plant at least one myself in honor of HIM!

    Sitaji, I just watched “Chupke Chupke” and I thought it was hilarious. And since I am back at my Hindi studies I so wish that my Hindi was at the level where I could’ve more thoroughly appreciated the difference between “high” Hindi and the more colloquial use that this one character was making fun of (or the other way around in actuality). Perhaps after a few hundred more of these films, and TONS of study… well, at least my next lifetime will be set up for it! (and thank you for spelling “gori” correctly, as opposed to my misspelled “gauri” – I later looked that up and it has something to do with “spirits” as in the kind you drink!)

    p.s. LOVED the sandals!

  71. So hes planting a tree?…. LOL thats nice, doesn’t account for the many India, actually cuts down.

    No i called, i just spelled his last name wrong. is it BACHAN or BACHCHAN?….

    so where is he planting this tree.

    i just wanna meet him once, at least while hes still in my town.

    lol, yea, if i dont meet him now. maybe i will when i am a star…… local actress, but no real connections yet.

  72. Awwww thanx guys…..I’m feeling such love..;-)

    latest update:…

    Bachchan is the correct spelling of the last name.

    here is the latest goss on the toronto show.

    As of tuesday they need to sell 11,000 tix to break even.

    Yeah you read right 11 thousand!

    Wizcraft are in town and are pissed. Promoters are having a last minute press conference tomorrow (thurs) to garner more support/interest and probably to show Wizcraft that they aren’t as organized as they obviously are.

    Tix went down to $60 for rafter seats. But I doubt they will be able to sell this much in less than 48 hours. They have decreased the layout of the seats at the rogers centre so with the decrease in the size, if they sell out (which I doubt) it won’t be accurate. Selling out a stadium with 16,000 people is one thing, but selling out a stadium with 3,000 is another..

    But its confusing on the tix still are priced at 97 bux …what a royal mess this is….

    All of you in the states, thank your lucky stars you aren’t getting taken advantage of like we are here in Canada..;-)

    Hotel update:

    Half of the crew is staying at the Rennaisance Hotel at Rogers Centre, the other half is staying at the Hilton in Richmond Hill. Again I don’t know who is where so if Richmond Hill is too far go to the Rennaisance. They are doing rehearsals at the Rogers Centre so you might see a star or too or even the Big B himself…

    will be back with more updates once I get them…

  73. Hi Sitaji,
    Thanks for the Information about the stores you gave to me. Thank you. I’m looking forward to check out the name store you gave me. So excited. I don’t know if you know, I’m not Indian and this will be my first purchase . I’m very excited. I just can’t WAIT anymore for this Unforgettable Tour!!!!!

    Thank you,

  74. has anyone ever read Amitabh’s blog?I just came across it…

    really interesting..

    he landed in toronto today (well yesterday) July 16th..

    thought they were coming on the I say..things change in a flash.

    so he’s here in toronto and the poor guy’s luggage hasn’t arrived..

    that’s a drag

  75. sorry for the another incorrect report…about the tree..;-(

    well Mr. B. was supposed to plant a tree..but I guess that didn’t happen since he didn’t arrive until this evening… he was scheduled to come in on the 15th but hey guess not..;-)

    oh well maybe he planted something before he left?

    again, sorry for the confusion..I try to be on the ball sometimes things change at mach 5 speed

    so mr. b is here sans luggage. Tomorrow is a press conference. Curious to see what he’ll wear. ;-)

    Can’t wait or the NJ show. I’ll be there. I”m looking forward to it, by then they will have ironed out the kinks and be in complete synch..

  76. Hey… wow soo much info on this site… i wish i had found it earlier… soo staying in richmond hill eh… thats not nice :( … bolly holly u got any idea what thier schedule for Thursday is gonna be and the time and location of thier press conference on thursday? maybe i could take off from work and go down there and catch a glimpse of them

    aany info will be greatly appreciated!


  77. hi i just wanted to know if there is still a “good” chance that madhuri might come to chicago?…also if u would know where the stars are staying at in chicago? thanks so much and this site is totally awesome with soooooooooo much info :D

  78. hey all…am working on chicago updates yet but will let you all know…

    as for press conference..I don’t know where it may be at the rennaisance hotel in the skydome (since that is where half of the cast and crew they are staying so logically it just makes sense)..but let me get back to on that..

    stay tuned kiddies..;-)

  79. What about the Atlantic city show? I have paid $ 150.00 for each ticket. Any idea on the crowds there? The hall holds 10,000

    My first show in a very long time. What to wear?

    I am desi, my husband is “pardesi”.

  80. just wear anything you will be comfortable in. I gurantee you will work up a sweat. so wear something breathable.

    I need tickets for the toronto show?!!!?..

    i thought they were like 300 and sold out. any one got tips./

    gosh i just wanna meet bachchan, talk to him about something and leave. I dont even want an autograph. lol
    i have one important question only like he or Aish can answer.

  81. there are LOTS of tickets to the toronto show. just go to

    They can’t unload them and reduced the price even more.

    go to kijjiji or craigslist and you will see tons of ads of people selling their own tickets.

    Even Amitabh was surprised at the price of the tickets saying that its not up to him but up to “promoters and organizers”…

  82. I went to Rogers Center yesterday. At the Renaissance hotel there is a lounge/bar from where you can see half of the Rogers Center, which is basically backstage. I got to see Amitabh Bachchan, Abhishek Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai. I took it one step further and I got lucky entry into the rehearsal. I ended up watching the show from the 5th row and seeing again Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Abhishek Bachchan, Ritesh Deshmukh, Preity Zinta and Shaimak Davar. After a while security found out me and my friend made it there and we were taken out. It was a crazy night though!

  83. They are not staying at the Renaissance Hotel in Toronto, only the technical staff of the show is staying there as they have to go back and forth to the Rogers Center (which is right next to it). They are staying in another hotel in downtown not too far from there though.

  84. thanx for the info Nikhil..yes as I said before, half of the crew is staying at the rennaissance and the other half is staying at a hilton.

    Intially they were to stay at the richmond hill one but that didn’t sit well with the guests since its soo far away. So they have relocated to the Toronto Hilton downtown.

  85. hi all…well just like anything things change.

    They ARE staying at the Richmond Hill Hilton (not proper name)

    Toronto Hilton downtown is where the press conference was yesterday.

    but just got confirmation from a very very reliable source that they are staying at the Richmond Hilll location

    the stars AREN’T impressed with the organization so far.

  86. The Richmond Hill Hilton is 5 minutes away from my house. I’ve gone there twice now and the bellboy isn’t admitting anybody is staying there. However, on previous occasions, this is the same bellboy who told me Sonu Nigam was indeed coming to stay there. It’d be great to catch a glimpse of Vishal and Shekhar.

  87. Are you positive they’re in Richmond Hill? Because from another source, I’ve also come to hear that they’re at the Four Seasons Downtown. Even yesterday, I met one of the guys who is with production and here from Bollywood. I told him that usually the stars stay in Hilton at Richmond Hill – he told me that would be for different stars.. definitely not the ones of this caliber.. so he confirmed to me that they are not staying at the Hilton in Richmond Hill but also requested that I don’t ask him which hotel they’re staying at – so out of courtesy I didn’t do that.

  88. the jonas brothers stayed at the four seasons hotel. im sure they are in downtown only because they gotta run abck and forth and are cramme.

    no one will find them at the hotel as per the msn article and press conference, security at the hilton hotel as been cranked up.

    also, wante to ask nikhil, yo did u meet them in person, or just view the part of the show?

  89. i saw the show and they were sitting like within a few feet from me.. didnt approach them to talk to them because i was afraid security may find out im not supposed to be there and kick me out earlier haha

  90. nice! well go early wakk around– they gott take a break at sometime lol— take a girl with u to distract security

  91. Way to go Nikhil! And all of you who are going to the show in Toronto, have a BLAST, and I hope you’ll give us a full report as to what music they did, as I for sure want to get ready for the LA concert next Saturday!!!

  92. i cant go :( I am handing out flyers for my uncle there. a magazine. so indian. he wants to hadn them out there cuz all the brown poppl will be there. i dont have a ticket./a nd i dont know whose selling the,m

  93. LOL toronto…;-) oh well…;-(

    You can get tix at the door….

    $30 bux..go and enjoy yourself…at this stage the promoters have lost so much money on this (from their poor planning)..they are just giving it away at this point…

    enjoy the show…!

  94. Show starts at 6;30. yet wtf, lol we’re handing out magainzes at 7… thats just stupid eh, LOL.

    Bachchan’s blog is wicked. wow a star takes the time to talk to his fans. who does that, only bachchan.

    does ash even know how to use a computer? like honestly?
    shes pretty, good with words. so she has the beauty but does she have the brains? really.

    so whose going to the show, and has a extra ticket for pretty sweet TORONTO:D by the way which is my code name onhere…. u know if bachchan finds this site i wonder if hed be disappointed or cleverly asstonished and happy.

    Bollyholly is so smart, that if i dont get to meet the stars, i hope u do.

    now, who has an extra ticket serisouly?

  95. hey Toronto… they have opened up a new $65 stand on ticketmaster… i am sure u can buy that one?…..

    and guys… they are at the Hilton in downtown on RICHMOND STREET…. Not Hilton in Richmond hill… ppl prolly got confused with the names… oh well i was there yesterday from 10 till 2… and finally they came at 2 AM in the morning from their reharsals…. everyone looked tired but i got autographs… ritesh, amithab, preity were all looking tired but aish and abhi and shamak were fine:P

    oh well hope the show is good!

  96. oh mo. ur very clever…. lOL put all the pieces together yourself. perhaps i should head to the hilton hotel after the show and wait in the lobby?LOL

  97. LOL crack me up…re: ash and the computer..;-)

    I’m still laughing here…;-)

    thanx for the love darling..follow’s Mo advice ..check out Hilton downtown..grab a drink after your work and enjoy….

    do it, you are serious fan…I would be so sad if you don’t meet the stars…

  98. haha yea… i waited there for 4 hrs…n they finnaly came… soo if u guys want after the show u can head there…its like 10-15 mins walk from rogers centre… Richmond Street and University Avenue.. So try to get a glimpse of them or go there tomorrow morning and hope to see them before they leave for the airport

  99. i was essaying all day,. i am gonna shopw now. we hand out magaizes at 7:00pm t 10:0pm..

    do u know when they leave toronto?….

    I hope we can go to the hotel right after @10… and maybe they may be there.. i really hope…

    if not, well when my acting career flies..

    yes im an actress here, not well knoown at all yet like the bachchans and others stars u know of.

    im a actress in toronto. indian but hey i kinda look latin… LOl.

    yea im serisous of todays actresses in india, i wonder if they can use a computer LOL.
    so do u know when the shows end… then i can head there, wait and see till 1am, rthen leave.

    if i dont meet them, then. well maybe next year when i go own to India or Cali to audition there.

    been auditiioning here….. wow they use black ppl asian ppl, but indian ppl are rare! lol.


  100. you guys are hilarious..i really hope u guys meet the stars and get pics n etc!…i cant wait til the show comes here and hopefully madhuri cuz im not a fan of the bachchans unfortunately…im still debating whether or not to buy expensive tickers to see them…hmmm?? but does anyone have any other info on the chicago show?

  101. you go girl!

    okay everyone..(stateside friends) haven’t forgotten about you..will give you details once I get them.

  102. You are so lucky MO to get autographs, so cool…. Hey Bollyholly, may you let us know where the artist will be staying at when they reach Chicago?

    I want Autographs from all of them, esp….Aishwarya!!!!

    Thanks to everyone with all the updates.

  103. Nikhil, Toronto,and Mo, thanks for updating us. Nikhil, seeing them at the hotel and your sneak into the rehearsal is so exciting! And of course bollyholly, many thanks to you again. Keep up the good work. :)

  104. well the show was truly UNFORGETTABLE!… i had a great time and i wish i could go watch it somewhere again… i’ll try to find out when they fly out of toronto… may be some of use can see them there then…

  105. hey guys. disappointed :( didnt see the show. didn;t go inside. didnt get to go to the hotel as the ppl we came with rushed us home.

    deleievred the “bollywood magazine” — it was freee so brown got crazy, wow magazines were gone in seconds really.

    made on contact. lady thought i was from bollywood. said i wish. shes like i know top contacts in mumbai. so gave her my biz email. WOW…. i almost got tumbled down.

    I think i saw lights. i hope you all had fun. I will streamline the show on torrent.

    perhaps when i go to mumbai in march …. 2009 yea. or its california. either of the two. maybe i;lll meet them then.
    :D i;ll always still use this though. bollyholly, if i do make it to the top!, which i will no doubt… then will try to hookup a lunchen for u and bachchan:D… no promises, only opporunitites when they come.

    Im glad you got to meet the stars. I didn’t no big deal :)
    I still wonder whether Abi an ASh know how to download songs or even use a computer…

    but then agian, they got better things :D to do then computers .:D

    neways. pals i;ll be checking out ur blogs when i can. i wanna start my own…

    the way to fame. the ups and downs . who knows

    live in the moment. each and everyday is special. what is to come will come, just take it one step at a time :)

    xooxoxoxoxo toronto (MY CODE NAME)

  106. Hi, I’m glad I found this site….too good. Do you know where are they staying in Vancouver? I bought my tickets at ticketmaster today and I’m excited! If it’s the Fairmont Royal Oak they’re staying, it has 3 locations in Vancouver? Which one?

  107. hey guys…

    whomever saw the show please post reviews..I”m sure we all would love to hear about it…;-)

    Nothing too specific though..we don’t want to ruin the surprise…;-) for all of us who will be attending the shows in vancouver and in the states.

    My friends attended the toronto show last night and said the hall was at 50% capacity but the show was quite impressive. Too bad more people couldn’t go alas like I mentioned, ticket prices were the issue all along, not the quality of the production.

    But if you went last night, and had a great time do share.

    but dont’ share too much.;-) ;-)

  108. Well, I would like to know how the show go in Toronto, too. But don’t share too much… Bollyholly said, too. Pls share…

  109. hey guys here is a review of the show from a very reliable show: my brother..

    show was very well paced. Fast moving. Started on time. Excellent production quality. Nice tribute to Amitabh.

    Stars make apprearances through out the show so don’t think that the first hour is opening act material and the big acts come out in the end like usual shows.

    hall was 50% full. Again, ticket prices were the culprit.

    Very interactive with the audience.

    Excellent show all around!

    Can’t wait!!

  110. Amitabh Bachchan says in his latest blog entry that the Toronto show was sold out :) From this link:

    “Hardly has the sun risen over last nights fantastic show and Vickey from Mumbai Mirror has smsed me, discrediting the sales for the show and quoting the price factor of tickets as reason.”

  111. lol ok… soo the billz and kashif started up the show with their 2 step bhangra… and then sang some other songs from thier albums…really got the crowd moving… but dont think they are going to the other locations soo then the show is jus gonna start with music… and watch out for the amazing Fireworks.. they are really awesome…. apparently no one was allowed to take pictures but people were still taking pictures soo in some time the rogers centre people gave up and let us take pictures :p

    oh and before they started there was a video on Global Warming which is what they wanted to make people aware off…. soo moving to the performancs they all had a good AV video before they came to perform…. once they performed they said a few stuff to the crowd got everyone excited and the next performer came…. All the songs that they danced to were absolutle ROCKING!

    And i loved Vishal and Shekhars singing and dancing and remixed songs… they were also a treat to watch!

    Then between the performances the hosts were interacting with the crowd and asking them questions…but only the ppl in the front few rows… soo if u are at the back u can only watch and enjoy…. then there was performances together and ther was also a special tribute to Amithab by all the rest of the stars… also Amit ji also said many of his dialogues with soo much emotion! you dont wanna miss that….

    n then ofcourse the grand finale of the show could be guessed by everyone… Kajra re! with the bachchans and then also Jhoom barabar jhoom with everyone…

    And thats it.. it was truely unforgettable!

  112. wow, the show seems amazing. i can’t wait to attend it here in LA. man, i wish i could totally get autographs like you guys. i am still trying to find out about their hotel/airport plans in LA though. only a week left till the show, i cant wait to go.

  113. Hi All!

    This is my first time visiting this site. I just wanted to share my experience from the Toronto concert with all of you. I ended up watching the show last night which was fantastic. But my experience ended on a sad note. This afternoon, I went to the hotel to see the stars. I was able to see all of them and I even got my book signed with personalized signatures by Ritesh, Preity and Mr. Bachan himself. When Aishwariya signed my book, she accidentally gave it to someone else, who then stole it and left. That girl now has a bunch of autographs from the tour group that were made out to me! Nevertheless, I still had a great time and hope everyone enjoys the show wherever you are seeing it!

  114. Yes I read Mr. B’s blog. With all due and utmost respect to the man, he is extremely media saavy and definitely will not say that the show didn’t sell out. If I were in his shoes I wouldn’t either.. ;-)

    but the facts are facts..many people did say that the hall was not full. Which is unfortunate but that is case. The show was a fantastic many people could have bought tix if they were priced appropriately from the beginning and not reduced at the 11th hour.

    The $30 dollar tix that were released the day of the show were snapped up. Which tells me that the hunger is there, if only they did that from the begnning.

    Rogers centre seats up to 18-000-20,000 people. approx 8-10,000 people were there. They had the whole stadium open for seating at the beginning when tix when on sale. Then they started reducing the seating capacity when their days were numbered and they couldn’t unload the tix.

    Then of course when people started snapping up the $30 tickets they reopened some of the closed sections again. Poor planning all over the place. That is the background story on the “opening” of the sections Mr. B was referring to.

    But alas it wasn’t sold out. But its the world tour, and Toronto was the launch so alot is riding on it. It wouldn’t look too good if Mr. B said that it didn’t sell out. So he must say that it did.

    That’s the background story.

    Sheetal: I’m so bummed about your book being stolen. That is such a drag!!

  115. Thanks bollyholly! I was actually one of the lucky people to get a cheap ticket (I got it 5 minutes before the show started) and it was in Row1 with a “sideview”. The sideview was pretty fantastic though and not really a sideview at all. I could see everything perfectly when people weren’t standing on their chairs! It was the next best thing to floor seats!

    I’m still really bummed out about my book being taken. Especially since I didn’t get many pics due to the crowd! It was kind of cool to have my program book signed! I called the hilton and they seemed to sympathize with me. They said they would call me if the person who took it brings it back…..but they said they doubt that would happen since people are such die-hard fans! The girl who took it will probably just scribble out my name and the messages made out to me!!!

  116. Sheetal, I felt so bad hearing about your book being taken. I hope anyone that has it would bring it to your attention. I pray for you…..When you got ur autographs from the stars,where there LOTS of people there? How was the sercuity? I hope when I get to Chicago I can get their autographs, and if I do, I will get one for you,too….Wish me LUCK!

    Thanks for the info on the Toronto concert last night.

    I was wondering, I can bring a camera and video camera into the Chicago Concert?

    In Chicago Concert I got floor tickets. This will be my first ever going to a Concert. I hope floor tickets are good.

    Even though the Toronto concert wasn’t sold out, I”m glad to hear from the ones that went it turned out “UNFORGETTABLE.”

  117. Yes the show itself was Unforgettable. ! Beware for those of you who are in the front 2 rows. The stage isn’t high enough so if you stand then you block the view…fyi…

    When is the chicago stop? I want to make sure I get your info on time..

    latest gossip:

    Toronto show was set to get cancelled 2 hours before the show.

    Big. B, organizers etc all huddled in crisis mode then and deliberated on whether to continue with the show.

    People are very angry. Big B. had no idea tix sales were such a mess. Especially those who purchased tix at the regular price of $97.00 (rafters) only to find out that the day of they were reduced to $30 if that was me, I’d be royally pissed..;-)

    Media reports (bollywood types) are saying that its sold out in toronto but such is not the case. However since its the launch city of the whole entire world tour, need to save face and say it was so. (which it wasn’t)…and of course no-one wants to bash Mr. B and his show so regardless “sold out” reviews will be the norm.

    kiddies..get ready… this show is supposed to be super fantastic..!

    fyi….got word that september 09 (yes next year)..guess who is coming…:

    Saif Ali
    and maybe (just maybe mads)..we are trying to convince her to join that troupe as well ;-)

    ALL IN ONE SHOW..can you stand it!??…save your pennies now..cuz I will be…;-)

  118. um really vry happy that ritesh is gonna come in our city n um waiting 4 that day that will be da best day if i hav gonna meet him & inshallah shake hand wid him

  119. Thank you BollyHolly for the fyi on the next fantastic concert!
    Now I’m really going to have to save money for this one, too. I love, love, love SRK!!!! Great!!!! Another thing I’m looking forward to next year. Awesome.

  120. awwwww im sorry sheetal you lost your book.

    goes to show. Aish has beauty. but does she have brains….. im still trying to figure that one out.

    They musta left the hotel. i was there yesterday shopping with family. i snuck outta the group to check em out, but musta headed out for trinidad :)

  121. ps. if you got a copy of the bollywood magazine. its really not from bollywood, it a family run magazine by local indian’s who do it as a hobby. it was free, and ithought it was a pretty good magainze. Prianka was on the cover, so die hard fans took the magazine based on that .

    sheetal’ i;ll get u an autograph as soon as i can get myself one… give me a few months :)

  122. Hey Toronto and Amanda! Thanks for all the support. I know that you are sympathizing with me! I am still happy that I was able to see everyone and talk to them (Ritesh is really nice), because I wasn’t even going to go to the concert. I just lucked out because I live downtown and was able to get to places at the last minute. Aish did apologize from her car when I asked her who she gave my book too, which was nice of her. I was standing right next to her but I got pushed to the side by some people and she ended up giving it into the crowd. The worst part was I saw her hand it to someone, but I couldn’t do anything. And I didn’t see who she handed it to. I can’t say I blame her. She probably wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. There weren’t a lot of people there (less than 30), but some people were really aggressive and pushing.

    I don’t know if I am more angry about losing the book or sorry that there are people out there that would actually take what isn’t theirs, regardless of what it is. It has no value to them because the autographs are personalized to me. I would have felt so guilty. And then I felt so bad for asking people “do you have my book by mistake”. People thought I was accusing them, which was not my intention at all. But I would have known if it was mine because Mr. Bachan only signed my book at that time. Maybe she/he didn’t realize it was personalized till they got home, but if they by some miracle are reading this and want to return it to the rightful owner (and they’ll know it’s mine because my name is above all the autographs and i can tell them what each one says), they can bring it back to the Hilton Hotel downtown who will then return it to me! (I guess that’s wishful thinking, but it’s worth a shot!)

    The worst part of it is, even my keepsake from the concert (the program book) is gone as I didn’t take any pictures. There weren’t any left at the concert by the time I got my ticket, but some nice person who was walking home from the concert, had an extra and gave it to me.

    Hopefully you guys will have better luck!

  123. Have faith Sheetal: I think that since its personalized, I”m sure that the person will come to their senses and go back to the hotel. If not them, then I’m sure those they show the book to will convince them that them having someone else’s book is in bad taste.

    So have faith, I’m sure you’ll see it returned. I’m sending positive vibes into the universe for you


  124. Thanks to everyone for sharing their experiences re: Toronto – LA concert is now less than a week away and I feel like a little kid waiting for my biggest birthday party ever!! I can hardly wait!!!!!!!!

    And Sheetal: I’m so sorry to read of your book being stolen. When I hear of incidents such as this, or when something along those lines has happened to me I try to put it into a context of “well, I guess there was some “karmic” debt that was being worked out, so at least that’s cleaned up.” And I, like Bollyholly, am hoping and putting out there that the person who ended up with your book will recognize that the negative ramifications of their action far outweigh the autographs, and that they’ll return it to the Hilton for you!

    I can’t believe that I now have Amitji’s blog on my “bookmark bar” for reading each day: guess I’m just a true and diehard fan!

    Thanks again to everyone for your great entries, and to you, Sitatji, for giving us this forum: the Bollywood Food Club is ALSO now on my “bookmark bar”!

  125. LA concert is less than a week away! i hope we can bring cameras inside because if i can’t meet the stars, i can at least take pics of them hopefully.

    p.s. don’t worry sheetal. it could really be worse. at least you know that you did receive personalized autographs from the stars.

  126. :) at least sheetal you met them … i was not that lucky.
    its okay. karma. what goes around will back come back… :D

    have faith. everything happens for a reason.

  127. Thanks for the supportive comments guys! At this point, I figure if I get the signed book back, great, if not, it’s still fine! No point worrying about it! And hey, stranger things have happened!

    Hope everyone enjoys the concert wherever they are seeing it!

  128. are there any folks on here from trinidad/tobago??how fantastic would it be to see the show air coliseum, tropical breezes, island flavour…

    that would be devine..

  129. bollyholly: the chicago concert is on august 10th

    even though i live in chicago, i cant wait until the LA concert. mainly because i want to hear about madhuri!

    also i still need to buy my tickets for the chicago showw so i should probably do that soon :)

  130. I have two questions?

    Does anyone know if it is possible to buy or get backstage passes for the Atlantic City Show?

    Approximately how long is the show?

  131. wow amber…you are a super duper fan! …good for you!…

    the show is 3 hours long..and starts on time…;-)

    you can’t buy a pass/tix to backstage, its only for invited guests or contest winners (again, various promoters across the states have their own contests, so you will have to contact them to see if they are having one for this purpose)…

    hope that helps!

  132. You can meet the stars by buying the VVIP package tickets. It includes parking, beverages, meetings with the stars, etc.
    Those tickets are very expensive I heard – $750 – $1,000.

  133. oh yes carol of course…again up to the promoters on what tix they are selling…the VVIP tix include all that carol says and meeting stars in a special meet and greet before the show.

    correct. Backstage from what I remember usually isn’t part of that deal..;-) but again, I could totally be wrong..;-)

    can’t wait for New Jersey…!!!

  134. I just read for Chicago show…$55 & $75 tix are sold out. Am surprised by enthusiasm of the people. The only tix left are $125 and up. Hopefully the show is worth it …any news of where are the stars stayin at in chicago?

  135. how exciting…sorry been a little crazed as of late…will try my utmost to get you hotel info for the chicago and LA show..

  136. New Jesey Atlantic city has only $150 and up tickets being sold on ticket master.Does anyone else know a better place to buy tickets??

  137. there are a few $55 tix for chicago on the Sears Center website. other than that its all $125 and up which i bought! there floor seats, im soooo excitedd. i really hope this show is worth it!

  138. I loved all the reviews….thank you so much guys for all the updates. I just love it! Sorry to hear about your book Sheetal. It was pathetic of that person.

  139. Sears centre had 2 seats in $55 far away from each other, which might be gone by now. Hopefully floor seats are at an angle else rear floor seats will see brown heads. Even then looks like Chicago is a hot one…it will be sold out show.

    Any word on Madhuri in Chicago? I was looking at Trinidad concert, Abhi & Ash were signing autographs…wish they could have that kind of offering here.

  140. hey i know this isnt abt the concert but i was wondering if anyone knows anything about hrithik roshan coming to las vegas to film…any idea of where he is staying and when he is coming?

    keep up the good work wit all the info…it really helps!

  141. Dosto!Ash fan, akd, carol, sm, Sparky, Amber, Anita, Amanda, and Suzane, thanks for you comments and visits.

    Excellent play by play, thanks! :)

    I’m envious of you getting to see the show. Check back and give us a review.

    So sorry to hear about your book! :( Sounds like the memories will last and ultimately be more important. Of course in a Bollywood film the girl who stole the book would get her comeuppance. I see in the future that she’s in the hospital, needing a rare type of blood, and YOU in fact have that blood, just happen to be stopping by that same hospital, gladly donate it, save her life and in thanks she gives you her most prized possession: YOUR BOOK!

    So sweet for you to try and get Sheetal an autograph!

    Thanks for you comments. :)

    Nawab theBollywoodFan,
    Thanks for that link! You must be getting amped up for the show this weekend.

    Again, I appreciate all your information! Thanks so much. I especially liked this: “Big. B, organizers etc all huddled in crisis mode then and deliberated on whether to continue with the show. People are very angry. Big B. had no idea tix sales were such a mess. Especially those who purchased tix at the regular price of $97.00 (rafters) only to find out that the day of they were reduced to $30 if that was me, I’d be royally pissed.” Good dish there bollyholly! Hey maybe that venue in Toronto was full like Big B claimed, and empty seats were only because people emptied them rushing the stage. That’s the advice I’d give out as his press agent. Did you get that Shree Bachchan-ji?
    You know he reads this. :D And that Trinidad show sounds like a lovely venue. I fantasized about it until I saw that for me airline tickets ran about $2000, then my dream was crushed. :(

  142. Hey!! I will echo the sentiments of those that want to know whether or not Madhuri will perform in Chicago. She’s on the posters advertising the Chicago show, but I still wanted to confirm. Also, hotel info for Chicago, PLEASE! Thanks for the updates.

  143. hi all….Am i only one on this site going to San Fran show….is madhuri also performing in San Fran….any information will be appreciated, guys…does any1 know where bachchan will be staying here….thanks

  144. lol does he actually read this page?…
    i think i wrote on Mr. B’s blog once. I check back to see if any comment on it, but my blog post got deleted. humbug!

    hritik is a cutie. i like these self made stories.

  145. Great to hear from you again, Sitaji, we all love it! And as for the Bollywood scenario relating to The Law of the Universe regarding misdeeds (e.g., the filching of Sheetal’s book), I have two words: tight slap!

    OMG I am completely beside myself about Saturday night’s concert in LA!!! Tonight I’m going to rent “Deewar” and maybe even “Sholay” to get my early Amitabh chops going (of course I’ve seen them both before but so what!)! Nawab, are you going to LA or SF? If you’re in LA I’ll be screaming right along with you!

    And I guess Sitaji needs to have a “Hritik” thread, as I have something to add (tho’ this is really not the correct spot): I was interviewed on a local radio station this winter about an upcoming concert I was going to be playing: the unusual instrument that I was playing had a bunch of keys down the back and I had to use my right thumb extensively… So I was able to say something – live on the air!! – to the effect of “If I had two thumbs like Bollywood actor HRITIK ROSHAN does this piece would be so much easier!” So TWO THUMBS UP to all of you!

  146. OMG I can’t believe the 55 and 75 dollars tickets for the Chicago concert is sold out. I think Chicago concert will be a sold out concert!!!!

    Thanks to everyone that gave all great info on this wonderful site. I loved it…..

    All I got to say is I can’t wait till the CHICAGO concert UnForgEttAble TOuR!!!!!!

  147. hi is madhuri’s schedule again.

    also like I said before, things change so if you see her face on Chicago posters, could be she will be there too..but she hasn’t told me …(maybe she wanted to surprise the fans?)…:-)

    1st show is L.A.
    next show is : San fran.
    next show is: houston
    next show is Atlantic City/NJ
    next show is new york city
    last show is vancouver.

  148. Hello,

    I was looking online to see if it is possible to know the hotel the stars are staying in for the LA tour. I know it may be hard to find, however, if any of you know any details, I would be so glad to know. I really would like to have an autograph.


  149. Hello all

    Im thinking of buying the VVIP package for the Atlantic City show, has anyone else bought this for either the toronto or trinidad show? Is it worth it? I heard that the packages are 750, 1000 and 1500 but i also heard that you get to meet the stars ahead of time and then obviously it is like the first 3 rows of seating. If anyone has any insight on this it would be greatly appreciated.

  150. jen,
    LOL on the Hritek thumb comment and your addition to the Sheetal script. A tight slap is definately in order. I live vicariously through you this weekend. Enjoy the show!

    I’m not sure if Big B looks over here, but I like to pretend. :)

    Anu, akd, chitown, Namaste!

    AshFan, good luck on geting that info.

    Chicagoan & Amanda I hope that Maduhuri comes and I like bollyholly’s idea that maybe she wants to surprise you. Let’s hope that poster with her image makes her in the Chicago show a reality.

  151. Hi Jen: I’m going to the one in LA. Should be exciting, yes! I’m looking forward to it, of course, especially because of Madhuri!!! She will always have the distinction of being my pehla pehla Bollywood ka pyaar (alongside Bhagyashree and Juhi Chawla, of course). :o)

    Saw Parvarish this past weekend to remind me of why I’m looking forward to seeing Amitabh as well (his increasingly negative attitude of late hurts). Will probably catch Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam (my fav Ash movie, and I reckon Salman had something to do with that) too before the show, although I don’t expect any songs from it to be featured in the show.

  152. Amitabh Bachan told everyone the hotel he was staying at to create hype and hopefully a scene that caught the media’s attention. Unfortunately nobody cared and the show turned out to be a flop with half the seats empty and the organizers giving away free tickets to make it look somewhat fully.

    I know the crowd isn’t everything but the actual show wasn’t good either, and Mr. Bachan lying on his blog and saying Toronto, NYC and New Jersey are all sold out.. I mean who is he fooling? You can go on Ticketmaster and easily see you can still get front and centre tickets for NYC, in row 12! Remember the first few rows are kept by the organizers for their friends/family.

    Sorry for being a downer but that’s the truth and I don’t appreciate liars.

  153. Hi Everyone,
    This is a great foroum….any clue/update on where the stars are staying while in Los Angeles….area…..

    Here’s my logic for LA though….
    Considering they are performing in LA sports arena which is in downtown…I am thinking they must be staying in a hotel close to downtown…unless if they want to spend hours in LA traffic getting to the venue for their practice….

    Now there are not too many fancy hotels in downtown area that might suit the Bachchan’s… the list is narrowed to the likes of Standard or something….but I called standard and the guy did not have any clue…..

    Again this is just my stupid logic….if you read AB’s blog he states that fans where there waiting for them at LAX in the middle of night…..
    So many know the plan….just not me…HELP

  154. If you read the Toronto papers, you would know that there was a crowd at the airport and the hotel during their stay. Amitabh did not need to put his hotel location on his blog for attention since that is where they held their meet and greet sessions for press and fans. He does not reveal his location unless the press does so then it is open information.

    Do you really think Amitabh is out there selling tickets personally? He is just repeating whatever information is given to him by the organizers.

    Based on comments, it seems the majority of attendees have enjoyed the shows so far. The reality is not everyone will have the same experience.

    No need to get pissy with Amitabh. Chill

  155. I’m curious to see how the attendance will be at the LA show. Much has been said about the turnout in Toronto, and I won’t share what I know from my cousins who went, for fear of being labeled as someone trying to ‘bring down the show’. :o)

    Formulating speculation is the job of the media. And at some level, we need to trust the feedback from participants in the blogosphere who are voluntarily sharing their thoughts and have little or no stake in perceptions of the public at large. Heck — even Amitabh said so in a recent post, in which he, as is often the case, attacked the media; who am I to disagree with him? =)

    I am not a huge Amitabh fan, but I am a huge (huge) fan of his acting (up there with Dilip Kumar and Aamir Khan for best all-time, as Lata Mangeshkar suggested), and that is why I am excited to attend. And of course, Madhuri might have something to do with that ;).

    Why Amitabh and his fans believe they have yet to prove so much, I’ll never understand. Maybe it’s a sense of insecurity, looking into the future and sensing loss of entitlements. Or maybe it’s sheer pain in losing ground to some of the other biggies in Bollywood.

    Whatever the case, he’s obviously chosen how he wants people to remember him, and so be it. On with the show!


  156. All: If this has been shared, I do apologize. FYI…the official Tour website (link in Sita-ji’s post) has an interesting blog, pictures included. Love the latest post titled ‘Mad about Madhuri’.

    Sita-ji: Would you believe Madhuri’s favorite Amitabh song is Chhu Kar Mere Mann Ko?!! Really on a roll with coincidence! =)

    Best wishes always.

  157. Not sure if any of you have read Amitabh’s blog, but it seems like he has come down with a fever and a cold. Hopefully is better soon and he is able to perform.

    Cheers to all

  158. GOT SOME SERIOUS BAD NEWS……THE VANCOUVER SHOW HAS BEEN CANCELLED…….apparently the Toronto show didn’t do too well, so the promoters backed out of this show also. I wonder if the LA show doesn’t go well, will they start cancelling the US shows too?

  159. Big B Fan, Amanda, Namaste!

    Thanks for that info.

    Thanks! Interesting information you bring us. Much appreciated.

    Thanks for your logic! I like your logic, so I’m stupid too. :)

    That’s true that Big-B is most likely bound by information provided to him from the organizers. Good point.

    Have fun at the show and enjoy your pre show prep with HDDCS. Love that movie! Aish is so great in that. That scene before the intermission and the one on the train not to mention the her dancing are excellent. And your comment: ”we need to trust the feedback from participants in the blogosphere who are voluntarily sharing their thoughts and have little or no stake in perceptions of the public at large…Whatever the case, he’s obviously chosen how he wants people to remember him, and so be it. On with the show!” is quite true. Also appreciate the Chhu Kar Mere Mann Ko coincidence and enjoyed your post here:


  160. reading this from here i find this convo entertaining. still trying to keep with your info. U guys are true fans… Mr. B is missing out on this action.

    I am going to Califnornia in 3 weeks:D:D:D middle of august for Vacation… maybe I;ll meet celebrities that I am not a true fan of :d concoidences eh…..

    ahaha if anyone is from LA here, give me a shoutout. I want to know where to shop,. the deals to get, what to see smell and taste in LA… yea my first time,. i got family down there, so I am super excited.

    Toronto ;;;;;; i should stop using this code name,. but its kinda fun.


  161. umm… can any of you guys know where to get the aug. 2 houston, tx tickets for the unforgettable tour the one with the bachchan family and more at the toyota center. i looked but the seats are ugh far away but then they are too close because it’s either 120 for a far away one and then 440 for a very close one, i wouldn’t mind that though but its expensive… HELP ME

  162. hmmm…I just heard about vancouver..not through mads but just saw it online …went on ticketmaster to get some prices for a friend and lo and behold..saw it cancelled..

    that’s not good. but like I said, ticket prices were an issue.

    I doubt that US shows will suffer from this. Unless if Mr. B is sick (I hope he gets well from the current fever he has..drag!)..

    so let’s all send good vibes into the universe for the stateside show as I want all of my new friends here to see their stars live…;-)

    Sorry for the no updates on hotels….will keep you posted…life and work took over…;-)

    and since Mads isn’t doing vancouver..maybe just maybe she’ll add on the Chicago show…again crossing fingers for you all so will keep you posted…

  163. Toronto..there is lot of exciting things to do in LA….like Disneyland, Universal Studio, wax museum, many theme parks, beaches, shopping, lot of shopping…it all depends where your interest lies….

    Bollyholly…i am waiting for those hotel update in SF…..can’t wait for Sunday to come…..very excited.

    sorry for guys in Vancouver…hope that doesn’t affect the show in States…..heard most of the venues, tickets are almost sold out…

  164. So sad, the Vancouver show is cancelled. I had bought my tickets and this afternoon got a call saying show was cancelled. Good thing I had not book my flights yet.

  165. Sita-ji: Thanks for the link! I also just added my favorite Amitabh song.

    Toronto: As Ash Fan says, it really comes down to where your interests lie. It’s a great city with lots to do and see, and lots of global diversity, which is worth loving. Toronto is like that too to some extent, but we have much better weather and beaches, and of course, the heartland of all entertainment (second only to my other hometown of Bombay, depending on who you ask, of course, lol). :)

    All: I’m not too concerned about Amitabh not being able to perform because of a fever. If Michael Jordan and Sachin Tendulkar (granted, they’re younger) could play at the top of their game with fever, dancing on stage and taking a break every 15 minutes cannot be as difficult! ;) For someone as seasoned a performer as Amitabh, I doubt it’d have too drastic an impact.

  166. Hi everyone, and to those of you who had tickets for Vancouver I am SO sorry to hear it was cancelled… and Sitaji, isn’t it amazing how things work out: had I missed work to go to that show, and now with this news, well, I do think I would’ve been out on the street holding a can begging for spare change and muttering “Amitabh, Amitabh…”!! I was very sorry to read of Amitji’s fever, but I concur with theBollywoodFan: he’s a PRO and I’m guessing that the rest that he’s getting today, tomorrow, and a little on Saturday will have him feeling much better and ready to greet his screaming throng of fans, of which there are at least two of us on this blog who will be screaming the loudest, especially in honor of Sitaji and this great site (someone needs to let Amitji know about this!)! Am packing madly – I fly out Friday afternoon – but got sidetracked watching “Kajra Re”, “Dola Re”, and “Rock N Roll Soniye” on YouTube!

  167. From the Unforgetatable Tour Blog:

    “Well the bad news is that since the promoter in Canada, Ethnic Guru, did not fulfill his commitments, the Vancouver show is no longer a part of the Unforgettable Tour map. All the stars and Wizcraft team are really upset that they would miss this great opportunity of interacting with their fans there… ”

    Apparently, there are issues with the promoter in Canada and the fans end up losing out.

  168. hey carol can you send the link of that posting re: unforgettable blog? I went on it but couldn’t find it…

    so sad for the fans there …

  169. Amanda,
    I don’t think that will happen. Worry not.

    Best of luck with you getting the contact info. you need & have fun on your trip! :)

    Good luck! That is expensive. Don’t thses Hindustani understand that the US of A is in a recession?

    Ash fan,
    Thanks for your help.

    Anita, :) Glad you didn’t have to deal with canceling the flight too.

    You’re welcome for the link. :) Thanks for your help. I agree about Amitabh. I’m also sure he must have a Dr. to shoot him up with some vitamin B or whatever to enable him to perform at the show. His fever will only enhance his channeling of pure entertainment for the audience.

    Glad it did all work out with your ticket situation, and avoiding homelessness and all. Good luck with the packing, be sure to include your tickets! I bet you and theBollywood Fan will Bollywood coincidence-style have seats right next to each other. :) Enjoy!


    Thanks again for everything. And next time you’re talking to Madhuri, if you want to, you can tell her that I for one don’t believe that baqwas her dil surgeon husband says about having never seen one on Madhuri’s movies when he first met her. I cry FOUL! Out of order! Not true! ;)

  170. my pleasure sita-ji…this thread is so much fun.

    I do apologize for my not be able to get you all the hotel info on time..I am working on it, however now that the tour is in full swing I feel I’m playing catchup..

    re: Ram not knowing Mads work..yeah when he told me I was like..seriously dude..really? I’m sure he had an inkling..LOL…other than that he is a fantastic guy..really nice and smart and takes fabulous care of regardless I’m just glad she didn’t marry someone in the biz..just a normal guy..;-)

  171. 1. Jen: Absolutely with you on the two loud fans! Would it be wise to stop every ‘gori’ I see and ask if she’s named Jen? :)

    2. Sita-ji: Ditto to the comment about Madhuri’s husband. Maybe I should carry rakhis (like Aamir Khan in Dil) if I intend to practice #1 above! LOL…

    Yay, it’s tomorrow! Madhuri, main aa raha hoon!

  172. LOL bollyholly and theBollywoodFan about the Dr. and him “not being familiar” with Madhuri’s work. I picture someone providing him this video, and him watching it and then suffering heart palpitations, which as a heart Dr. he could easily correct.

    And then after viewing it he’d quickly agree to proceed with the marriage, as quickly as possible. :) That video would possibly make even me go gay for Madhuri. ;) OK, not really, but if I think it’s hot, guys must REALLY think it’s hot.

    And yes theBollywoodFan, the rakhi alibi ala Dil is perfect tool! Please approach all gorii at the show saying,”jen?”

  173. Great song Sita-ji! Yes, that song is very well-liked by most of us guys. It was quite the rage when it was introduced. I haven’t seen Beta, would you believe it? Was 11 at the time, and think it had to do with my parents heeding their content advisory skills. Now I’ll be sure to check it out! Interesting note: No one disputed Madhuri winning the Filmfare for this, but Anil Kapoor won the Filmfare too…which I think was the last time Aamir Khan attended the Filmfare Awards (and most other awards ceremonies). Jo Jeeta Woh Sikandar released the same year.

    All right, it’s a done deal for tomorrow. I’ll be prepared for a few tight slaps to the face given that there is a probability of some of the more possessive people out there. Heck, all I need now are Sid and Sameer from Dil Chahta Hai =) And before I say something even more ridiculous, I’ll end.

    Singing…’filmyyyyy very filmy’ from the film ‘Page 3′.

  174. Sitaji and theBollywoodFan: you are so delightfully pagal hain! So yeah, tBF: I have the next to most $$$ tix (HAD to do it for Amitji!), and will be the brown-haired gori with the bright blue, fuschia, and sona sona sona-filled (faux, zarur – don’t ya just love to be trilingual?!) salwaar kamiz. My friend has kind of long dark hair and she’ll be wearing, as she put it, “So Cal casual” (I told her to dress up so I think she’ll be in black). If this was a Packers game I guess you could wear an extra big cheese thing on your head, but what will distinguish you at the LA Sports Arena? I would LOVE to meet you, could you imagine?! The airport awaits me, I’m late!!! See you tomorrow, and Sitaji, a ja, a ja!!! But we know you’re with us in spirit!

    and to whomever else is on this blog and will be there tomorrow, have a BLAST!!!!!

  175. Jen: Yes, that would be unreal! Have a safe trip! Sona sona sounds great (I’ll be on the lookout). Although I don’t know about my differentiator, since I stopped keeping up with Aamir Khan haircuts since Mangal Pandey :)

    Since we’re not in the same section, though, you’re very welcome to e-mail (thebollywoodfan at gmail dot com) and see if we could at least try a more organized approach to saying hi in person!

    It would be much (much) easier at a football game, as season ticket holders for the Miami Dolphins would attest (for reasons similar to the cheeseheads, and facepaint). :)

    Sita-ji: As Jen said…you will most definitely be there with us in spirit!

  176. i know wut hotel mr. b is staying at in LA….

    Well first of all I assume LA, but more specfically,
    in his blog mr. B mentioned that he was staying at a hotel that was mentioned in mumbai papers.

    so when i checke the times of india what i found dated for today the 25JULY 2008 — mentioned was aishwariya and abi for being at the hilton hotel and how thier suite who bellongs to someone else was given to them.

    SO IF MR. B’s blog says the hotel being mentioned in papers lately. then HE is staying at the HILTON HOTEL… in LA. how many hiltons their are in LA i do not know.

    SO happy hunting :)


    ps. For me, i wanna shop till i drop and can’t walk in LA.. things are so much cheaper and our doller is higher rite now.
    2) i wanna see a real beach. yes i want to wear my bikni and shorts yes. LOL, and play volleyball!!!
    3) i dont care for rides, im 21… i just need goodlucking dudes and some drinks ;) good food and a gorgeous goregous scene.

    4) lol where do the celebrities hide…… it’d be nice to see others other then mr. b, whom i never bumped into yet.. but hope others will..

    5)…. clubbing. what is the best club… lol, rock the night..!

    thanks guys, ur so awesome. itd’ be cool to meet up with a bunch of u if ur in cali!


  177. hi guys

    I hear Mr. Bachchan is staying at The Sunset Marquis Hotel in Hollywood, LA…don’t know how true is that..

    btw for those who read his blog, he has posted photos of his bedroom….which he apparently took while on bed rest.

    Have fun 2moro nite ..those going to LA show….i will have fun on Sunday at SF….

  178. Wow toronto looks like u have found a way to watch the show? thats nice… u get to go to LA, do enuf shopping, meet enuf bollywood/hollywood stars, and watch the show… wow thats gonna be some vacation..

    take pics/videos guys from LA show and share it here… wanna see if its the same thing again

    Enjoy Guys!

    P.S sorry to hear abt the ppl who were waiting for the vancouver show:(

  179. lol. i am not going to see the la show or any show.

    ahah i am going to califnoria to go one vacation!!!!!!!!!!!!
    to get away from auditions, acting, work, homework and school.!!!
    :) i;ll come back to toronto and continue training and dancing, and go back to university in sept.

    vacation is wut i need. becaach shopibg chilling.. seeing dudes in shorts,.. surfs. LOL. i need a break.

    but i just was pointing out that look at the mumbai nespapers. he said that the hotel he is staying at in the one being mentioned in the mumbai papers.

    so all i found in the times of india was hilton hotel talk of the toronto stay of how abi and ash took some other guy’s suite, and the hotel didnt care because the other guy was not famous lol

  180. Toronto and Ash Fan, thanks for that info.. Way to go with the insider information. I especially like the Abi-Aish suite stealing story,

    I agree, LA show goers post some pictures on your blog or send them to me and I’ll post them.

    theBollywoodFan and jen,
    Thanks for bringing me to the show in spirit! I hope you find eash other and take a snap to share with us!

    All the best!

  181. mera dost theBollywoodFan: look for me loge 4, row 8, seats 1 & 2!!! Less than 24 hours till the Big Show, and I’m in the OC w/my friend who’s coming with me. And here’s something Bollywood-like: so my trapezius muscle is completely whacked – since yesterday -and I can barely turn my head but I’m figuring it’s somehow psychically connected to Amitji’s fever, and that I’m taking on his pain so that he can entertain us all tomorrow night! Either that or it’s my muscle relaxant kicking in and I’m trippin’! No matter what I am SO there, and will be very happy to share (something intelligible, I hope) my impressions via this bahut bahut acccha platform when I get back to Seattle!

  182. jen,
    How sacrificial for you and your trapezius muscle to take on Amitji’s fever for the greater good! You are to be commended. :) Enjoy the show.

    Have fun!

  183. Pingback: My cyber evening with Amitabh. « Bollywood Food Club

  184. Me too amber! I checked back here hoping to hear from some of the attenders, but maybe they are too tired from the show to check in. Or maybe they were invited to a special fan appreciation brunch at the hotel where the stars are staying. :)

  185. Hi Sita-ji! The show was really quite impressive! I’ll have more thoughts later today, but those of you who are going to the concerts in various cities, be prepared for some fun entertainment! It’s very very well worth checking out, especially for Amitabh Bachchan’s performances, which were amazing. Hats off to Amit-ji for totally stealing the show! If the show wasn’t sold out, it was very, very close.

    Jen: It was a privilege! :)

  186. Hey guys,

    i just wanted to tell you about the show. i dont want to give too much away but i thought madhuri was absolutely amazing. especially her song dola re with aishwarya. amitabh was wonderful too. great show. paisa vasool!

  187. Mere priy doston: va va va va VA! And OMG doesn’t even come close! Please allow me to brief now, as after the three hours of sleep I got last night and flight from Long Beach back here to Seattle (leaving the sun and the SONA in Los Angeles!), I need to rush off to my two opera rehearsals today, soooooooo: I echo the sentiments of my new pal – and right back at ya, “tBF” (can’t wait to see you on my next trip/yours here?) – I will write more soon, but as sappy as this sounds, it was TRULY UNFORGETTABLE! I have been a fan of Elvis for years (too young to see him live) and this might sound like blasphemy, but this was far, far, far bigger than Elvis: there’s a reason Amitabh Bachchan is a superSUPERSTAR, and I feel so fortunate to have experienced something practically beyond words… LOVED IT!!!!! Everyone was fantastic but this man’s charisma, charm, and talent just transcended all else (I must say that “Mads” was a very close second, for sure!)! And Sitaji, I am SURE you could “feel the love”, you just had to!!! Especially from tBF aur mai!

  188. p.s. manjeet, sorry we didn’t get to meet, and I’m glad you had a blast too!

    p.s.s. I quote Saif Ali Khan in “Hum Tum”: “Mera weekend ROCKING hai!”!!! no kidding!

  189. WOW, I’m glad everyone that went to the LA concert had a great time. Now, I can’t wait till it’s in Chicago. I’m still praying Mad will be there, too.

    The COUNT DOWN is on till AUgust 10,2008!!!!!

  190. I am SOOOOO bummed. I am one of those from Seattle who put out the big bucks (well, relatively… I had first row loge seats 1 and 2) for Vancouver, and now I have NOTHING.

    I am trying to figure out what can be done, but I doubt I have enough money to find two fast tickets to wherever I can find decent seats in the remaining time left.

    I am totally devastated. I’d planned our whole vacation around Vancouver, BC…staying close to home this year, just because of the Unforgettable Tour…which is now unforgettable to me, because I’ll have missed it.

    Congrats, Jen, for slipping down to LA and getting there! Best I can hope for now is a DVD of the tour for later….

  191. Oh wow, Elaine, I am SOOOOO sorry that the whole thing in Vancouver has fallen through all because of poor management – certainly not from lack of a fan base! Are you sure that there aren’t tickets for anywhere else (that won’t cost you every last paise)? I feel extremely grateful and fortunate that I was able to go – an unusual break in the rehearsal schedule – and want to support you in your mission to go if at all possible. Even last night I was thinking about how I could go again, but the only night I could’ve possibly gone without missing work was in LA (it’s that strange phenomenon of “maybe if I keep looking at this schedule something will magically move around and I’ll actually be able to go to Atlantic City”)… Maybe you can get a cheap flight (e.g. Hotwire) at the last minute and get yourself to London? Anyway, especially from one Bollywood-loving Seattleite to another, I’m really sorry.

  192. I saw this show in Oakland (SanFrancisco California). The show was oveall well executed. The show was fully sold out and it was extremely packed out. Although the show started at 8 PM (one hour late than scheduled).. it went until 12 PM and was a very good show. Amitabh’s singing was nostalgic and dialogs from Deewar were great. Ash was gracious and beautiful. Abhishek .. I thought was taller than expected. Preity Zinta was so so.. she is little tiny as compared to her screen images. Madhuri was mesmrizing with ek do teen and dola dola re with Ash. Overall a great show.

    Negatives : The promoters tried to rip off the patrons with already high ticket prices and with high parking fees (25 dollars) and costly snacks (8 dollars for a glass of beer). Greedy. Sitting on upstair gallery after paying $80 was a pain. :( .. Hey India may be richer now and stars may be getting in millions.. but our US salaries are still the same as compated with couple years ago. Don’t charge so much just because fans love you.

  193. One more time I got to say WOW, again. YEs, Ramesh you are soooo true on saying “Don’t charge so much just because fans *like us* love you.”
    Elaine, I”m so sorry to hear about the concert Unforgettable in Vancouver being cancelled. I wish you the best.

  194. we went to watch the unforgettable show in oakland .. we flew from seattle especially to watch this show … needless to say, the show was mesmerizing .. amitabh’s voice was eletrifying … but it wasnt organized well… we were told that the gates will be opened one hour before the show .. so people gathered half an hour in advance (to be on safer side) .. but the gates werent opened till 7.40ishh … the fans kept standing for an hour in loooong queue in chilling cold .. the security guys said the promoters have not given go ahead to open the gates … just imagine, the promoters were not even bothered .. not even a word of apology for the delay was passed on to the troubled crowd … big time mismanagement and mood spoiler by the organizers … the stars did made it up for everything later on …

  195. Adab theBollywoodFan,
    Thanks for your first post tour comments. Great review. Check this out:

    Thanks for reporting back. Sounds wonderful!

    Vay! So glad that you loved the show that you and tBF got to meet and have a photo shoot. I know what you mean about being a fan. I’m a life long Prince fan and have had the luxury of seeing him perform many times over the years at large venues as well as smaller shows at his studio in MN, Paisley Park. Anyway, I wonder how Amit-ji would measure up in comparison, even thought they’re as different as he and Elvis. But it seems the level of charisma is on par: Mega SuperStar. These people just don’t appeal to the masses for no reason, na? I’d also expect Mads to be right up there too. Look forward to hearing more…when you start your blog. (hint, hint) :)
    Aur L to the O to the L on:
    I quote Saif Ali Khan in “Hum Tum”: “Mera weekend ROCKING hai!”!!! no kidding!

    Anonymous and Amanda,
    Maybe bollyholly will let us know. :D

    I know what you mean. :( Great idea about the tour DVD though! Thanks for you kind words jen. I too checked out Atlantic City and last minute fares are high, hotels are high, but something could work. I was pricing it out (hotel, airfare, tickets) at at least $1000-$2000, which is a bit high.

    Wonderful stuff you’ve included here. Thanks so much! Too bad about the price gouging. I agree with you and Amanda, we all do I’m sure.

    From seattle,
    WOW! Thanks for the info.. It seems that their promoters are the issue. It’s too bad that they couldn’t consolidate one reputable promotion group to handle the entire tour, but I guess you have to use local people. Hey, there’s and idea for a business. Now someone out there do it! Bollywood Promotions International

  196. Hi guys..well the vancouver cancellation is slowly hitting the blogs and online newspapers..however I am a bit disappointed at one Wizcraft director’s take on the whole thing:

    “Sabbas Joseph from Wizcraft says, “The ticket prices were not expensive. We didn’t want to do the Vancouver show, so we opted out. We always had an option to do the show there but we withdrew the option.”

    well I certainly think that is taken out of context because if not, that shows great disrespect for the fans in Vancouver. If its not a top priority then tix should not have been on sale.

    But clearly tix prices (starting at $97 a pop plus taxes) were definitely an sales means no show.

    just irritates me..

    anyways I do hope everyone is enjoying the show….

  197. Hey Guys,
    I was reading everyone’s posts and was wondering if anyone who has been to any of the shows (or just if someone knows in general) a way to meet the stars in person and get a photo or autograph (other than just purchasing the VVIP tickets)? I have been in touch about VVIP tickets and if you purchase them you get to meet the stars the day before the show and if you can’t make it to that, they take you backstage 30 min prior to the show and you get to take a photo with them. My concerns are this:

    1. For such an expensive ticket, I would hope we get to meet ALL the stars and not just “some” of them.
    2. The meet and greet the day before sound likes it will be quick. They take a photo with you and leave. Do we get to talk to them or get an autograph or take pics with our camera?
    3. I actually may have a problem attending the meet and greet the day before the show and thus may have to do the option where I meet them 30 min before the show starts. My worry is that they may be in a hurry and may not have time for me or some of them may be getting ready and not take a picture with me. However, it might be better since I would be the only one backstage!?
    4. If anyone has any advice regarding how they met them or if I should go to the meet and greet the day before or backstage the day of the show, please let me know! I am open to any suggestions/comments.

    I am a HUGE fan of Aishwarya Rai and want to make sure I at least meet her and take a picture with her and would also love to meet the other Bachchans and Madhuri!

    Is anyone going to the NYC show from here!?

  198. I am a realy huge fan of the Bachchan family and would really like to take pictures with them so if anybody knows where I can meet them in Houston maybe which hotel could you please help me and let me know. Thanks.

  199. Houston tour,
    Thanks for your visit and maybe someone will post that information soon.

    Thanks for all your information, as usual. :) You make some very good points here about the cancellation of the Vancouver show.

    Thanks for stoping in. Earlier at the Toronto concert there’s a thread here about Sheetal meeting Ash and getting an autograph.

    Unforgettable Houston,
    Good luck and hopefully someone can provide a tip for you on finding that here.

  200. Hello, all! Well, I have just finished “Chaudhvin Ka Chand”, a great movie starring the incomparable Waheeda Rehman, and also starring (and produced by) Guru Dutt, and for all of you “High Bollywood” fans, this is a must see. Now, how does this tie into the “Unforgettable” tour? Amitabh Bachchan is the absolute star of that show, and who is his favorite actress? Waheeda Rehman! And the fact of the matter is that Amitji has a very powerful and completely engaging blog, to which I am now admittedly fully addicted, so much so that I have actually written a comment to “Day 99″. My comment isn’t so important, but I truly believe that for any of you out there who have even the slightest appreciation for anything philosophical, spiritual, down-to-earth, and participatory in nature, please check it out for yourselves. A warning: you will be hooked, so be prepared to put Amitji’s blog on your bookmark bar!

    Sent to Amitji’s Blog, Day 99 (

    “My dearest Mr. Bachchan, there are so many feelings and thoughts that I wish to share with you, but this being my first posting on your beautiful website, I will keep my introduction to you “short and sweet”: I am one of the many who flew a great distance to see you – I live in Seattle and saw the show in Los Angeles – and I must tell you that it was truly a dream come true, as I have been an admirer of your artistry for many years. And to not only feel your very palpable charisma, radiance, and talent, but to also witness the brilliance of your family (of course that includes your exquisite wife Jaya in addition to Abhishek and Aishwariya), Madhuri, Preity, Ritesh, Vishal, Shekhar, and all of the dancers, musicians, costume designers, lighting techs, etc.: well, to be genuinely honest, it WAS truly UNFORGETTABLE! I was looking forward to this performance for months, and now having seen it, it is remaining with me so powerfully. Thank you from the depths of my heart for sharing your “infinite light” with me and with all of us who deeply cherish you: you are a precious gift from God, and I am humbled to be alive now so as to be profoundly touched by you. Well, so much for “short and sweet”! Have a great time with the remainder of the tour, please stay well and strong, and please know that I will will be reading your rich and expressive blog each day, and will check in with you from time to time. May God continue to bless you, and may you live long!”

    Bahut sukriya Sita-ji for your encouragement on all levels!

  201. Dear Houston tour and Unforgettable Houston: how was the show!?!? Was “Mads” there? Did you have to wait over an hour before even getting into the venue because of the security checks (oh wait, doesn’t Texas allow for concealed weapons?)? I hope that you had a FAB time of it! Next show is Atlantic City: do you think Donald Trump will be there (doesn’t he pretty much own the place?)? If anyone’s going, there’s a fantastic and cool restaurant called The White House, not too far off the boardwalk, that’s been there since the 40s I think, and serves completely authentic “hoagies”, the real deal (erase Subway from your minds) and worth the trek away from the slot machines!

  202. Hey guys whats up? I just heard some unfortunate news that Aishwarya and Abhishek had to go back to India because her father is having chemotherapy. Hopefully all goes well with him. I am going to the Atlantic City show this week do you know if Abhishek and Aishwarya will be back for show? Anyways hope all is well with all.


  203. jen!
    Glad you saw Chaudvin Ka Chand, great flick. I didn’t know that Waheeda was Amitabh’s favorite actress. Over at Doc Bollywood, you’ll find a nice translation of the title track from the movie:

    And thanks for posting “day 99″ from Amit-ji’s blog. Well said! Also, great tip for the Atlantic City show and I’m also looking forward to hearing back from both the houston commentors here soon. Of course also thanks to you for your kind words friend!

    thanks for the update and I look forward to hearing about the Atlantic City show.

    good luck!

  204. Thanks sitaji,
    I will try and find that thread and read about it. Does anyone know if we’re allowed to bring cameras to the show? I inquired about this and they said yes we can bring cameras but no camcorders…so I am gonna bring my digital camera and record what I can, =)~ But don’t worry I won’t post anything and spoil it for the people who haven’t seen the show yet. I’m just asking because someone said something about security checks and I know sometimes they say no cameras…but I am considering getting a VVIP ticket so they better let me bring MY camera! Hehehe.

  205. Hi, ILoveAsh, definitely bring your digital camera and fire away, you’ll be so happy you did! Are you going to Atlantic City or NYC? Either way you will be so happy you did – I’m so lucky I saw it in LA, and definitely encourage anyone who can go to “jeldi JAO!” Scream your brains out!

    And Sita-ji, remember my comment about “bigger than Elvis”? Well, here’s how someone else commented (on Amitji’s blog): 59 Responses to “DAY 103(i)”
    OBBY C Says:
    “August 5th, 2008 at 1:11 pm
    Dearest Mr. Bachchan,
    My 18th time writing. Your description about the cab ride and the driver felt as if I were inside the taxi. You must feel blessed for all the admirers and well-wishers as you are the most deserving. I just can’t find the words to describe you but when I do introduce you as an artist to people who is not familiar with Indian Cinema (don’t like to say Bollywood ever) I always mention…Bigger than Elvis & Muhammed Ali, better actor than Marlon Brando & Pacino.
    You’re the Best!
    Obby Choudhry”

    I know that we’re all a bit crazed, but even with Amitabh Bachchan and beyond, there is something indescribably magical about our beloved “Indian Film Industry”, hai na?!

    Got through not quite half of “Khuda Gawah” last night: what a wild ride! I wonder why Amitji chose to voice his character with such an unusually exaggerated baritone? To accentuate his already larger-than-life Badshah Khan character? BAS!

  206. Hey Jen (and everyone else for that matter),
    Yeah I am DEFINITELY bringing my camera! I JUST PURCHASED THE VVIP TICKET SO I GET TO MEET THE STARS! It was really expensive but I figured this is a once and a lifetime expense (and I’ll be talking about this for the rest of my life) and as my name says I am diehard fan of Aishwarya Rai! Unfortunately, I can’t go to the meet and greet scheduled on the 14th BUT instead I get to meet them backstage prior to the show on the 15th in NYC! What a way to celebrate my pyaar for Aishwarya Rai and on Independence Day and in NYC (which I have never visited)! The organizer of the show said that I am AT LEAST guaranteed to meet the three Bachchans but he can’t guarantee the other three (Madhuri, Preity & Ritesh). I am hoping they will be nice enough to meet with me. I get to take a photo and hopefully get their autographs too. Has anyone here done the VVIP package? I am curious to know how much time you have with the stars and if they are nice to their fans. Lastly, I am going to try and find out the address for the meet and greet on the 14th (as VVIP’s have access to this but since I can’t attend, I was never told it). I will make a story and let you guys know the address in case there are those who can’t make it to the show or aren’t VVIP’s and want to try to meet or catch a glimpse of the stars. I can’t promise anything but will do my best. I asked this before but is anyone going to the NYC show? I’m really excited about it, it should be fun! Have fun to those with upcoming tickets and continue sharing your stories for those who have already seen it! I’ll be in touch…

  207. WOW, ILoveAsh, mubarako on the VVIP tix, you lucky fan, you! Can’t wait for your full report and if there’s any way you can post your photo of you w/the Bachchan’s it would be AMAZING! And whoever’s out there who gets to go to Atlantic City on Saturday and Chicago on Sunday, know that we will all be with you, so you’ll need to scream extra loud! The energy around this tour experience is so high from all angles, don’t you just love it?!

  208. I’m Back: laughs, I was away writing exams, so swore to stay away from blogs. i got more exam left.

    Hope someone figured out accurately where the bachchans were staying in LA.
    No longer going to CALIFORNIA for VACATION….

    more like working before university startss….

    so the show in Houston was a hit, as proven by the pictures on Mr. B’s blog.
    guess Toronto wasn’t as hype, but it got better.

    Hopefully people got to meet them :)

    I was watching Sarkar Raj, I am only 1/4th of the way into it but I was tired, and the movie was not that amazing, or intriguing that I got bored. Aish looks older in that movie…. more stressed… (stress to make a baby?..) not sure. But I don’t like the movie so far, I hope it gets better.. This movie has not SPUNK, no THRILL, its kind of dull so far.. really just yawn.

    PS. Bollyholly your awesome at knowing and gathering information.

    Do you know any any Directors from BOLLYWOOD, that are looking for actresses….

    I contacted this one director, never phoned me back, and a week later calls said we had auditions, LOL who does that>!

    ahaha I did one audition, but the whole crew looked sketchy and seemed like they were clueless, as if they didnt know anythng. So… I did the audition, and I think without a budget they will get no where….

    P.S. anyone have any stories about their encounters with the stars, or thier attempt to see them…

    The Richmond and Hilton Hotel still gets me. I went to Richmond HIll to the Hilton Hotel, and i think it was the other guy who went to the Hilton Hotel who went to Richmond Street and saw them….
    ……talk about reading between the lines….

    —-keep enjoying the shows. I think this was Amitabh.Bachchan’s last tour…. —– the guy needs to just get a hut on a beach and just relax. —enjoy his selfmade success and chill ——– But will Abishek appreciate the treasure, the gift of being born to a celebrity, an automatic star, will he respect that forever? I think he has so far appreciated what His father did, the footsteps his father created for him, but can he follow in this footsteps is another question; that will be a daunting task, one that is hard to live up to. So I hope he creates his own legacy, his own path,/……….A path that does not put him in the shadows of Aish and Amit.

    Triple A power; but will Abi be left in the dark?….

    X)x00x0x0x0x TORONTO

  209. IloveAsh,
    I would bring the camera. Just play like you don’t understand and speak some words in a language different from the person asking you to not use the camera it they ever approach you. And then in confusion pretend they are asking you to take their picture. :) CONGRATULATIONS on nabbing those fancy VVIP tickets. I look forward to hearing about your super close upcoming encounters with the stars.

    Thanks for your encouragement and the link to day 103. :)
    Go Obby! Aur yes, I agree with your statement:” there is something indescribably magical about our beloved ‘Indian Film Industry’ , hai na?!” I think for Amitabh-ji’s sake I should maybe change the name of the blog to “The Indian Film Industry Food Club.” Even have only seen the trailers to “Khuda Gawah” I know what you mean about the turbo baritone.

    Welcome back. :) Good luck on upcoming auditions (and exams). I especially like your comment: “But will Abishek appreciate the treasure, the gift of being born to a celebrity, an automatic star, will he respect that forever? I think he has so far appreciated what His father did, the footsteps his father created for him, but can he follow in this footsteps is another question; that will be a daunting task, one that is hard to live up to. So I hope he creates his own legacy, his own path,/……….A path that does not put him in the shadows of Aish and Amit.” I haven’t see Sarkar Raj, only Sarkar, but I’ll get around to it. You’re words about it see to be echoed by others too.

    Congratulations!! Have fun in Chicago and report back.

  210. Thanks Sitaji, good advice, will do! Hahaha. I am so excited about this tour…I just got my VVIP ticket in the mail today about four hours ago! I am in awe of just seeing the words “The Unforgettable Tour” and my seat assignment on the ticket, lol. Will definitely keep you guys updated! One more week! Enjoy everyone!

  211. I am going to the Chicago show this Sunday! I am soooo excited and I am also hoping that Madhuri will come. Also, so far I’ve heard that the stars are staying at the Marriot on Golf Road which is like 5 minutes from the Sears Center- which makes sense. Hopefully I’ll get a picture of them if not with them :)

  212. hi, tt, I had my digital camera with me in LA and took lots of photos and some short movies. Was it on this site that I read that they didn’t allow video cameras?

    Anonymous, have a FANTASTIC time at the concert on Sunday!

    It will be amazing when the book (and I’m guessing DVD) finally comes out: maybe it’ll be in time for Diwali?! But who knows, since it’s not such a big holiday here: maybe one of those big December holidays, na?

  213. Personally I do feel that this was some how light crew. We need more stars like Hrithik, Rani and others as well.

    I also do not like the way stars were standing. Two actors should get more respect in the logo such as Akshay ahead of Deshmukh and Madhuri ahead of Preity …

    Just imagine … Madhuri and Aishwarya and back Akshay and Abhishek … that would be perfect photo for promotion …

  214. aishwarya- That is a good idea but since akshay and madhuri are only guest stars at certain venues, they are not being promoted as much. Plus, the whole point of the tour was for the Bachans to be together.

    Personally, though, I would love to see Akshay and MAdhuri on stage together- they are amazinG!

  215. Hey Jen,
    Did you have to sneak in your digital camera into the show or did you just carry it in? I remember going to an SRK show several years ago and security checked you before you entered to see if you had any cameras on you. So…I am wondering if I should try to conceal my camera when going in (a.k.a. put it in my sock, lol) or if I shouldn’t worry about it. I had called the organizers awhile back and they said that we were welcome to bring cameras but not camcorders. Let me know jen (or anyone else who has attended the show). Again, anyone going to NY!?

  216. Hi ILoveAsh (and everyone else!), I didn’t sneak it in, it was right in my bag and they let me go through security just fine; they didn’t want to let my friend in with her water bottle, so she drank it in front of them and then they let her in (like it was going to be sulphuric acid or something, right?!). It sounds like the info you got from the organizers is good, so just go and have yourself the most fabulous time, you will be SO GLAD you went and will remember it for the rest of your life!

  217. Thanks Jen!
    I’m gonna have such a great time!!! Will keep you guys updated and take lots of pics! I like how you said “and everyone else” just like I do, haha. And lol about the water bottle. Gosh, I hope Aishwarya looks beautiful backstage…who am I kidding she will look gorgeous. =) I’m counting down the days…

  218. So the Chicago concert was last night. Sadly, Madhuri was not there :(((. But the concert was goOD! Amitabh and Abhishek were amazinG!! They made the crowd go crAzY everytime they came on stage. Aishwarya was good. Preity Zinta was really cute, as usual. Riteish was good and very funny tooo.

    I think when Amitabh said his dialogues from Agneepath the whole audience had tears in their eyes and so did HE! It was truly amazing.

    On the whole, the show was good but it dropped momentum everytime the slideshows about global warming and such came up. I think they could have incorporated the whole concept in their act or the actors should have said a few words instead. It would definitely have kept the audience’s attention a whole lot better.

  219. anum!
    Thanks for your report! So glad you went and enjoyed it. Sorry about Madhuri not being there. :( Ditto on your comment, “I would love to see Akshay and Madhuri on stage together- they are amazinG!”

    hs, tt, nj and fifi,
    Thanks for your visits and hope you all found the information you needed.

    Good point about the promo photo and the stars set up. Nice blog you have.

    Thanks for the camera tips!

    I’m excited for you. How fun. DO report back.

  220. Hey so i went to the concert last night and really enjoyed it but i had really crapy seats and could bearly see them either way it was fun!! but i wish i couldve seen them in person. i heard they are staying somewhere in downtown and they prob will be here for a couple of days since there next show is next weekend so does anyone know about their whereabouts where they might be staying? this is a once in a life time opportunity and i really just wanna catch a glimpse of them. It’ll make my year!!

  221. Hi Guys,

    I was browsing to find the reviews of Chicago show, which I attended in person with my family and was sitting quite near to Stage. I

    I wanted to see other people’s reaction for the show.

    For me, It was truely “unforgettable”. It was such a grand and amazing show which can’t be described in words. I think Abhishek was in best, he was such a crowd pleasure. He had such a pleasant vibes, which everyone could feel as soon as he strikes. He intereacted with pubic a lot and I was fortunate that he interacted with my family from stage.

    Hearing “lines make legend” dialogs from Amitabh was such a great experience. He almost cried when he finished his “Deewar” dialog- “Kush to bahut hoge tum”….

    Aish was not looking that great on her first song, but looking gorgeous in traditional out fits.

    Priety was enjoying on stage… probabaly could interect more with the public.

    Ritesh, Vishal & Shekhar were complimenting good.

    It was truely an unforgettable joyous ride.

    Those in NYC, don’t miss this life time opportunity.

  222. all the stars are staying there. the dance group and the rest of the people are staying at the Marriot on Golf Road by the Sears Center. no prob :)

  223. Hi.

    I finished exams. did one audition for a Indian movie; anothing one for a bollywood movie this Friday…..

    BUTTTTTTbesides that…. I rented 4 movies. Hindi movies; Kismet Konnection was an awesome movie; truely made me laugh :D jsut what i needed after exams.

    BUT…….. the girl in it, the lead (she sucked; no good acting; no good looks either) SORRY, but she was trying too hard……. ihate when pppl do that.

    the lead actor (omp, forgot his name); HES SOOOOOO CUTEEEEEE ; hot body too. hes been working out, not so scrawny anymore…. maybe abhishek could use a work out or too, and take aish with him;;….

    AND i never watched sarkar raj again, left it undone, watch first 30 min, no more i couldnt take it, boredddddd..

    the guy at the video store ; my cousins best friend, he got to meet asih in TOronto, he has pics.
    He has a media promotions pass ;;;;not fair :(:(….

    shes an idol of mine, but aw well. I will meet her before she gets grey hair :D:D:D


    hope everyones enjoying the shows.

  224. Madhuri didn’t come to the Chicago concert, but that’s alright. I had a fantastic time! I had good seating , too. I loved,loved,loved. I was dancing, clapping and etc….IT was so amazing. When Abhishek came out, and stepped onto the thing that takes him to the center of the stadium, my lord that was the closing I’ve got to him. He went straight up in front of me, awwww, I think I almost died. HE’s looking HOT HOT HOT>…. My personal opioion, Abhishek Looks HOT HOT HOT LIVE>>>>>> Everyone was great! THe one that stole the show I would have to say it’s AMitabh and Abhishek!!!!
    MAn, If I just knew where all the stars were staying, I would of loved to go there and get autographs. If I just knew! damn it!!!!
    Oh well, I”m glad I went to this concert, and many more to come too.

  225. Hi Toronto, BEST OF LUCK on your audition on Friday! Get the job, get all famous, and then we’ll all be saying on this blog “hey, remember when Toronto was going for that audition, and just like Ms. Padukone in “Om Shanti Om”, became a heroine with her first film!

    And Amanda and everyone else who is sharing their experiences about THE Tour, thank you, as it makes it continue to come alive again and again for me! I’ll be old and drooling but I’ll still be able to mutter “that Unforgettable Tour (was) “definitely Unforgettable Tha”!!!

  226. Hey Everyone,
    I know this might be too soon to ask but does anyone know where the stars are staying in NY? I have a hotel room right next to Nassau Coliseum and was wondering if they might be staying in that same hotel!? If anyone has any info, let me know. I want to try and see them in the hotel if I can even though I am seeing them backstage…I think now I am just getting greedy. =)~

  227. Hi Anonymous,
    I can’t believe you are going to see them backstage. If you don’t mind: When you get a picture with the stars, can you forward it to my email address? And of couse, I would love to get their autographs too…. I know this is too much to asked of you, but if you have a chance,pls do. I THank you so much…..
    You lucky….


  228. Hey Amanda,
    Just to clarify I was post 317 titled “Anonymous.” I forgot to type in my name b4 posting, sorry. I am getting too excited for this concert tomorrow night in NY and must have forgotten to put my name, hahaha. Also for everyone who has been to the tour…do they sell things at the concert? For instance, posters, shirts, pictures, etc from the tour? Because I am going backstage and I need something that the stars can sign. I am visiting the DC area and am from FL so I do not have anything for them to sign! I didn’t know that I would be going backstage until recently so I didn’t think to bring anything from FL…that’s my own fault. But I called the organizers and they said they won’t be selling anything at the concert. But I find that hard to believe because I thought this would be a way for them to make more money (not that they need after the prices of the tickets), let me know…

  229. they didnt sell anything there except nachos and popcorn haha so your probably better off bringing a favorite poster or picture and a nice pen/marker for them to sign for you

  230. oh and since u didnt bring anything with you, try shops in NY. they have a lot of desi shops where you’ll be able to buy stuff from. and if your sitting on the floor, which im sure you will be, then they give u a booklet wit info abt the stars. ad when i was walking into the place they gave the unforgettable poster out to everybody, but both things were darker colored which would make it difficult to get an autograph on…

  231. Hey Anum,
    Thanks for the advice man! Much appreciated! I am actually gonna go around the DC area with my friend in the next 30 min to see if we can find something but I have called all of the desi stores that I can and none of them seem to have anything but we’re still gonna try. I thought abt the NY idea but I may not have time…I get in at 2 pm and the concert starts at 8:30 but I want to be there by 7pm so I can get to meet them backstage. They only told me to get there 30 min – 60 min before the show but I don’t want to take the chance. And I won’t have a car in NY but maybe there will be a desi store near the coliseum so I can take a cab, I will definitely consider it. And yeah I have 3rd row seats so I hope I get a program and poster like that, that would be awesome! Even if it is dark…I bought a silver paint pen that should show up on the dark background, what do you think? I have a black one in case it’s a light colored background and silver one in case it’s a dark one, hahaha, I’ve thought abt every scenario…at least I hope I did. If you got any advice, that would be great! I really hope I get a program and poster, that would be fine by me! One more night…

  232. Hi Everyone, and WOW ILoveAsh, I’m totally excited for you: third row seats, I can’t believe it! Id’ definitely get there well ahead of when the promoters said, as I think you’ll still need to be in a big security line. As far as stuff to buy there wasn’t anything in LA except Indian food (which I didn’t get) but in SF my friend said they were selling “To Be Or Not To Be”, that BIG and very expensive (i.e. over $100) book about Amitabh and his family that Jaya published on the occasion of his 60th b-day, but the guys selling it were some local restaurant owners and had nothing to do officially w/the tour itself. It would be much easier just to get a poster or a magazine, and you are smart to have bought a silver pen! You’re about to have the thrill of a lifetime, and I can’t wait to hear your report after the concert! Scream your brains out like everyone else around you will be doing!!!

  233. ILOveAsh,

    Yes I would go totally ahead of time. Isn’t your heart just pounding? WOnderful…
    come back and tell us all about your amazing meeting with the stars.
    They didn’t sell anything at the concert (things that were related to the stars, such as posters, t-shirts, and etc..)ONly FOODS>….
    They did have a booklet of the stars in it. First page was Amitabh Bachchan, 2nd Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan,3rd Preity Zinta and Riteish, 4th Vishal and Shekhar, and Shamik Dvawar(choreographer) It’s colored and I think it would be a great booklet for you to have their autographs on it…. ALso, they gave out a poster with all the stars on it too, even Madhuri on it. (this poster would be a great one too.)Your pens sound wonderful, too.
    Have lots of fun, (which I did, even sitting in row 9!)
    YOu have 3rd row, and that would be totally awesome! I wish I had the first 5 row, but by the time I got to buy my tickets I was already in row 9..(Still, I loved it ,too) Have a Blast!!!! I agree with Jen, It will be a THRILL OF A LIFETIME!!!I”m really happy for you that ur meeting the stars….I love Aishwarya, too. GO GO GO GO GO !!!!FUN FUN FUN FUN!!!!! scream loud as you can, and dance as much as you can too. LOVED LOVED LOVED. ….
    I loved the concert, even though I don’t even speak Hindi.
    I grew up watching these stars on screen and I knew last year that they were coming on UNFORGETTABLE TOUR and I knew I had to go…My dreams came true, and I”m very happy. Even though I didn’t get to meet any stars, I was very happy that I got to see them LIVE and performed. IT was the BEST TIME OF MY LIFE>>>>I will always remember this UNFORGETTABLE TOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  234. Thank you all for the support and encouragement tomorrow! I actually went out and bought the Sarkar Raj DVD and Music CD because I thought if nothing else, I could at least get them to sign that! (I dunno what I will do with the other stars…Madhuri, Preity, Ritesh). Hopefully I will get the program and this poster! If so, I will just have the Bachchans and everyone sign that if I can…how awesome would that be! I will have so much fun and all of my friends and you are encouraging me! Will definitely let you guys know how it is! I really want this Unforgettable Tour Program and Poster! And the food too, haha. I am sure with such a big show in a big city like NY they will give that (but they may run out) and maybe they will even have the AB Senior Book (but I prolly won’t by that, too expensive). But if it was Ash…that would be another thing. =) By this time tomorrow night…gosh it’s crazy just thinkin about it! Hahaha. Enjoy everyone and thanks again for your sharing your stories and I am glad that there is such a forum! I’ll be in touch…

  235. Guys!
    It’s 3:21 a.m. here in DC (the morning of the NY concert). I have to get ready to leave within the next 4 hours and I can’t sleep! lol. I think it’s starting to kick in…but I still don’t think it will hit me until I am in the Coliseum. AHHH!!! I want some rest so I don’t fall asleep during the concert, lol, like that’s gonna happen.

  236. Amanda and anum and Sita-ji aur main bhi! ILoveAsh: get those rakhi tied onto “all the cool boys” and tell us all about it!!!

  237. HA! Either that, or ILoveAsh had so much time with Aish and the rest of the Bachchan clan that that’s why Amitji hasn’t written his regular blog post today, they’re still talking!

  238. Good evening everyone, and while we’re all waiting for ILoveAsh to regain consciousness from the UNFORGETTABLE experience, here’s a link (thanks to a faithful Amitji blog responder) to a NYTimes article with some great pictures – enjoy!:

    However, I can’t quite believe that the audience was either “seated” or “muted”, especially since Amitji said that the “NYC” audience was the best anywhere so far. Maybe “considerate”, but in the most respectfully excited and appreciative way possible! And DANG, I can’t believe that Amit and Jaya did “Tere Bindiya! from “Abhimaan”, I would’ve passed out cold after that one!!!!!

    Adab, tBF dost! So now that they’re about to cross the pond, will you be posting your list of songs from the LA show? Bahut dhanyavad in advance on that one!

  239. Hey Everyone!
    I’ve quickly skimmed what everyone has said, hahaha. I haven’t forgotten about you guys and thanks for being so eager to hear about my experience. I have been so busy but will try to post in the next day or two. So don’t mind it and of course I’ll be in touch…

  240. OH YAY!!!! got it. GOT THE LEAD ROLE…… FOR THE FILM — SHORT FILM I THINK, BUT you gotta start some where…..

    and AISH is still my idol ::):):):)

  241. Shabash, Toronto! That’s a big deal to win an audition, so way to go! You’re right, there’s always a first role – if you’re lucky, talented, and get the break like you did! What language is the film?

  242. Congrats Toronto! I wish you luck and hope that all your dreams come truE!! Also, let us know what movie it is so we can all watch it and become fans :)

  243. hi such developments.!!!!

    First off I do apologize for disappearing..I know you all were waiting for me to give updates/behind the scenes but unfortunately work got the better of me and was travelling for quite a bit.

    But reading this..I must say I am so happy for all of you who caught the show. I caught a bit of houston show mads had a camera person tape it for I saw a bit of that..and wow such an introduction with her montage of all of her movies..I myself forgot some of them, then realized wow she really did make a mark in Bollywood..!…it was quite cool listening to the cheers of the fans even before she made it on to the stage…

    and congrats Toronto!!! just keep doing your thing and you will be at the Filmfare awards before you know it…chase that dream and don’t let anyone get you down.

    and you must tell us what film it is…;-)

    well I’m off again..but wanted to touch base and send best wishes hugs and kisses out to you all….

  244. jen,
    Thanks for that link and ditto on the “Tere Bindiya” sentiments. Clearly Amit-ji was reading THIS blog and my post about Abhiman that I did during the Chicago show and decided to secretly communicate with me and all of us, as usual. ;)

    anum, amanda, Namaste! :D


    Thanks for checking back, and I look forward to hearing more.

    I was thinking that maybe some angry agent got a hold of you and told you to quit communicating with your public. Thanks so much for your help and information., Check back in soon friend. :)

  245. thanks for the wishes guys. the film is in English but its the rare for a Indian director to produce an English Indian short film. I am volunteering for it, but hey my drive is to succeed, there are asbolutely no limits than the ones i set for myself, and i set none!

    title won’t disclose yet. if it gets big…. i will always update you all :) im gonna work hard for this role; small yes but there nothing as a small film, only a small actor … but i got the lead, important role, great contacts im making for the industry, and thats what is important, but what is more important is i GET TO DO SOMETHING I LOVE. ACT.

  246. Hahaha, hey guys,
    I apologize for the delay…after I got back from NY, I got so busy with my daily routine and on top of that my computer crashed! Let me know if it’s too late to post about my experience, hopefully you guys are still interested. I have so many pictures! =)

  247. Welcome Back, ILoveAsh! PLEASE write all you want about your “Unforgettable” experience – too bad there’s no way to post your pictures (or is there, Sita-ji?)! You must’ve had an amazing time of it, so yes, post away! I’m just glad you’ve survived it!

    And Sita-ji, your banner picture, it reminds me of that bizarre but fun dance sequence w/Pran, etc. in “Gumnaam”, but I think that she was wearing a more revealing swimsuit… it’s the beach balls that evoke that memory for me! So if it’s not “Gumnaam”, what is it?

    Thanks again for your wonderful blog, saheli: your sense of humor, along with your passion and knowledge for all things “Indian Popular Cinema” (much clunkier than “Bollywood”, hai na?), is SO MUCH FUN, and a pleasure to visit every day (yep, yours and Amitji’s, for sure!)! Sukriya aur phir milenge!

  248. Namaste amanda! :)

    Welcome back girl! I know how that is to be so busy pretending it’s work, computer problems, and school, when in reality you’ve started to secrectly work for the Bachchans. ;)
    We’d love to hear more about your experience at the show, and of course if you send any pictures this way I’d be thrilled to post them, dost. Check back in when you’ve got more time. :)

    Namaste saheli! Thanks for your sweet words, as usual :). I’m not sure what the beach ball banner image of Helen is from, but I lifted it from Karen’s great album. I will do a post with a list of links to her comprehensive, visually intoxicating albums very soon. In the mean time THIS may help. Helen makes me proud to be a woman! I’d love a wiggling Helen as VP of the USA! I take that VP part back, I mean as PRESIDENT! :)

  249. ILOVEASH, IT’s not too late to let us know how your unforgettable tour experience went. I would love to hear what happpened and also love to see all the wonderful pictures. Can’t wait…..

  250. Hi, does anyone know where I can get hold of the “Unforgettable Tour” official program (the booklet bit). I couldnt locate one on Ebay.

  251. check out

    its only a short film — recently did a commercial…
    :) –> trying to audition for feature stuff. we;ll see what happens :)

    i hope someday,…. Canada will grow into somethign of its own.. like play a fundamental role in cinema… or have its own base….. …

    thanks for all the words of encouragement….

    its beeen so long since the tour eh… I wonder what the bACHCHANS HAVE in store next… hope they even get some rest… movie business is exteremly exhausting but awesome when its your passion

  252. Namaste Toronto-ji!
    SO nice to hear from you. :)
    Congratulations! Thanks for that link.

    How fantastic that you’re a working actor. What part did you play in Aisha & Rahul? And the commercial?

    I am sure Canada is on it’s way as far as a place for filming, it seems to have been more and more in the last years.

    All the best and keep us updated. :)

  253. i played Aisha! – Guess you guys know now whose Toronto really is :P

    Auditioning for a feature right now.

    . Ps. that movie has been submitted for festivals we’ll see what happens. BUt i did that freelance. Wasn’t paid. but I have the experience that one can only get from sets and not class. :) Thanks for the support.

    I want to see canada become more than a place for filming but rather have a cinema of its own.

    Jas is Toronto

  254. It’s been such a while I’ve been back here…. I was wondering if IloveAsh posted her picture of the unforgettable Tour here…I guess she’s been too busy or something. Oh well, if she comes back I hope she’ll post it. I still waiting for those pictues!!! It’s almost a year since the Unforgettable TOur and I’m still in LALALA land!!! It was the best, and I hope the BACHCHANs come back to make another TOUR!

    • Amanda-ji,
      Thanks for coming back to check in! IloveAsh did not send in any photos, but if she does I would be happy to link them. Maybe next time I’ll be lucky enough to catch the tour too. Take care and come back soon yaar.

    • Megan Jaisaree-ji-bhi!
      What a small duniya, na? Thanks for stopping in to comments. I wonder if there are any more of you Megan Jaisarees out there liking Akshay too? :)

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