Happy Easter!

There’s no better way to say it than this:

Video thanks to rajshri


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3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. OMG I had totally forgotten this song, and the fact that it was based around a Easter party (aside: who has club-style partties on Easter Sunday?) Amit is honestly rather annoying here- but Ms Babi can do no wrong :)

  2. What intrigued me even more that Amitabh being annoying was the “Happy Easter” written using red tape. What a hack job. I was so distracted by that that his performance couldn’t take its hold on me. I was way back with, “Hey what about that tape? WHY? Who did that?” I agree, this is one of the only times he annoyed me. But also he was a bit offensive while holding the stuffed giraffe in “Waqt” and his Mike Brady (Brady Bunch) look in “Kabhi Kabhie” where he sat around in a living room smoking a pipe was also annoying. Can you imagine that we’re even discussing Amit-ji being annoying. Forgive me! :o

  3. But it is true though! I find him v v painful in Kabhi Kabhi- if there were no shashi and rishi in the movie, Amit, Waheda and Rakhi together played parts quite capable of driving me nuts!

    I dont think I’ve seen Waqt- or if I have, i’ve forgotten it.

    I think it was a late 70s-early 80s phenonmenon- over the top acting, which Amit, Dharamendra and Jeetendra (what matching names) all fell pray to —-

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