Happy Ash Wednesday

Hey, It’s Ash Wednesday. So this means I think of this Aish too!


One of the things I love best about Bollywood films are the spiritual and moral messages woven in with the music, dancing, action and melodrama.  Don’t you? I also adore all that suffering! Of course as a Catholic I know that suffering leads to purification, hain na? And Ash Wednesday officially kicks off Lent and those 40 days of sacrifice and suffering. So with this special day in mind, let’s enjoy a little sorrow and suffering dosto!

Bollywood teaches so many lessons, like this one, from the 1965 movie Guide. Click over to  DocBollywood for some interesting information on Guide. Here Dev Anand tells Waheeda Rehman some very valuable information:


Guide also teaches us about sorrow and suffering:



Remember that thou art dust and unto dust thou shalt return. -God or Ram

Happy Ash Wednesday!

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10 thoughts on “Happy Ash Wednesday

  1. Yes Renegade Eye, you are correct!

    Nandini, giving up Bollywood did enter my mind, but I dismissed the idea immediately. See I can partake in all that suffering, so in that way it’s very Lenten in nature, right?

  2. Aishwarya Rai Is so cool. I wish I was her.Thats y I wrote Aishwarya Rai as my name & I Luv all her movies.I felt That I had to write something about he. Aishwarya Rai looks good in everything she weres I luv all her movies.Aishwarya Rai RULES !!!

  3. Emperor,
    Welcome to you from Nigeria. Hey speaking of Nigeria, I have a friend there who is the very honorable chairman of the National Department of water and wildlife, or something like that, and he’s wanting me to deposit a check into my bank account, and well it gets pretty complicated from there. He’s really not my friend, but just sent me this email describing how he needs my help. JUST KIDDING! :) Hats off to Nigerian for their banking schemes extrodinaire! Thanks for your visit friend. Do you ever watch any Nollywood?

  4. The movie guide is a one big movie which always gives a lot for learning from it. It always have a lot freash mood in it every time.
    The great movie by dev anand…

    • Mahesh Sunil Sankpal-ji,
      Guide is a marvelous film. I need to rewatch it again to expereince the fresh moods. Thanks for stopping in to comment friend. :)

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