Bollywood Insider: Madonna, Sunday, Shilpa, King Khan!

suzimann.jpgBollywood chugli from the week of 1/25/08 from our favorite correspondent, Suzi Mann:

Madge does Bollywood – ‘Sunday’ hits the big screen, brand Shilpa still sells, King Khan gets nasty.


I wasn’t going to add this video, because I don’t want to give Madonna any attention, but the Cheeni Kum style pony tail of Shahrukh Khan forced me to make the concession. I’m sorry to have to show you this, but you need to see it.


How does this make you feel?…………  And how does THIS make you feel?

srknasty.jpg cheenikum.jpg


I’m sorry, like I said, I thought you needed to see it.



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3 thoughts on “Bollywood Insider: Madonna, Sunday, Shilpa, King Khan!

  1. The first time I saw the “Jimmy” video this past fall, I thought MIA was a drag queen, then I realized who it was. Perhaps Madonna wishes she was you know who.

  2. Sitaji, that isn’t the first time I’ve heard that comment about M.I.A. looking like a drag queen in the “Jimmy” video. It seems to have that quality, which is why I thought it must be the video that Madonna envies most. I think “Bird Flu” is better and more ingenius in its use of Indian film music, which I realized after I tracked the main sample to the original music by R.P. Patnaik (though that one’s Kollywood, as are the samples and influences for three other songs on the Kala album). Anyway, yes, I think Madonna might just wish that she were M.I.A. right now…

    Nandini, glad you liked the clips too. I’m trying to think of what Madonna’s “techno-ghazal” would sound like. I once heard a Talvin Singh remix of a Najma Akhtar song, which I guess would qualify as “techno-ghazal.” But that was a bit different from Madonna…

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