Video of the Day: Madhuri Dixit in “Maar Daala” from Devdas, 2002

p3.jpgAre you excited to see Madhuri Dixit again on screen in Aaja Nachle opening this weekend? As part of our Madhuri Dixit countdown, watch “Maar Daala” with playback singers Kavita Krishnamurthy, and Kay Kay from Devdas (2002). 


Thanks to  TheGreatAmir  for the youtube video.

Thank you BollyWHAT? for LYRICS in Hindi and English. 

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9 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Madhuri Dixit in “Maar Daala” from Devdas, 2002

  1. nice.madhuri dixit is the exceptional dancer of the bollywood.

    mara dalla is the excellent example of her whole career.

    she is realy the amzing dancer of the bollywood.

    even vyjantimalla,sri devi,meena kumari,rekha are also good dancer.

    but madhuri is the best among all.

    madhuri have verstality and heart capturing expression while dancing put her dominant on another all good dancers of the bollywood.

    best of luck dancing queen.

  2. yes madhuri is the exceptional dancer of the indian cenema.

    madhuri is much better dancer then sri devi and all another actress of the bollywood.

    sri devi is best.but madhuri charm and her dancing skill and her killing look and expression are much better than sri devi.

  3. mara dalla is the amzing dances of the bollywood.

    back light,decorated place,madhuri dance,her expression and her beauty make the exceptional and historial dance of the bollywood.

    madhuri dixit is brilliant,excellent,exceptional dancer.

    much better than another all actress of the bollywood.

  4. madhuri dixit is excellent dancer of the bollywood.

    epitome of the art,dance,beauty stands on madhuri only.

    epitome of the beauty and womenhood as M.F.Hussain.

    epitome of the art and dance also as i said.

  5. madhuri is realy very terrific and brilliant dancer.

    madhuri is just magical persona in every sense(art,beauty,dance,acting).

  6. dance,acting,art all suit to madhuri personality in indian cenema.

    about her beauty.(Its enough that M.Hussain made on her a film based the magnifestation of the womenhood in different ways.

    madhuri beauty is an epic beauty(sharaina beauty).

    perhaps indian cenema is revived by madhuri dixit

  7. madhuri dixit is the queen of bollywood.

    Exceptional dancer,exceptional actress.

    Magical beauty,smile and persona.

    madhuri dixit is exceptional dancer of the bollywood…..

    magical persona in celluloid.

    madhuri left a mark in the indian industry which will alive her in the industry next more 100 years.

  8. anushka from banglore, khalil zamaan, mohsin from pakistan, kashif from pakistan,

    Looks like you’re all big Madhuri fans. Glad that you enjoy her talent so much. Thanks for the comments.

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