Mad Tales from Bollywood: Portrayal of Mental Illness in Conventional Hindi Cinema


This looks like a good read


This is the first book to investigate how mental illness is portrayed in Hindi cinema. It examines attitudes towards mental illness in Indian culture, how they are reflected in Hindi films, and how culture has influenced the portrayal of the psychoses. Dinesh Bhugra guides the reader through the history of Indian cinema, covering developments from the idealism of the 1950s to the stalking, jealousy and psychopathy that characterized the films of the 1990s. Critiques of individual films reveal the culture’s approach towards mental illness and reflect the impact of culture on films and vice versa. Subjects covered include:
· Cinema and emotion
· Attitudes towards mental illness
· Socio-economic factors and cinema in India
· Indian personality, villainy and history
· Psychoanalysis in the films of the 1960s

Mad Tales from Bollywood will be of interest to psychiatrists, mental health professionals, students of media and cultural studies and all those with an interest in Indian culture. (

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6 thoughts on “Mad Tales from Bollywood: Portrayal of Mental Illness in Conventional Hindi Cinema

  1. Dear sir/madam,
    i am interested in knowing more about this book.kindly suggest me how i can avail this book.
    thanking you

  2. Dear Ruchi Srivastra,

    I also want to read this book. You can buy it from Amazon.

    And there are also some used book for a bit less at Amazon.

    Good luck and let me know how you like the book. If I read it I’ll post a comment here. All the best!

  3. Hi
    could you please suggest other books on indian cinema that deal with mental illness and psychoanalysis. Apart from mental illness, books in any cinematic perspective and psychoanalysis.

    • zehra-ji,
      Thanks for stopping by to comment. Off hand I don’t know of any other books that deal with mental illness and psychoanalysis as they relate to Bollywood or other cinema. I am curious now and if I find more I will report back. Maybe someone will come by and comment also if they know of any such works.

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