Video of the Day: Manichitrathazhu vs. Aaptamitra vs. Chandramukhi vs. Bhool Bhulaiyaa

With Bhool Bhulaiyaa under my belt, I tracked back to see its real source and to compare the rajini5.jpgclimax scenes in the 3 other movies on which is was based

1. 1993, Malayalam = Manichitrathazhu

2. 2004, Kannada = Aaptamitra

3. 2005, Tamil = Chandramukhi starring Rajnikanth

4. 2007, Hindi = Bhool Bhulaiyaa

Stars in the films:



Aaptamitra (Kannada)

Chandramukhi (Tamil/Telugu)

Bhool Bhulaiya (Hindi)

Mohanlal Vishnuvardhan Rajnikanth Akshay Kumar
Suresh Gopi Ramesh Aravind Prabhu Ganesan Shiney Ahuja
Shobana Soundarya Jyothika Saravanan Vidya Balan
Vinaya Prasad Prema Nayantara Amisha Patel

In the Malayalam original, Shobhana enacted the role and it was a National Award winning performance for the Best Actress. In the Kannada version (Apthamitra), Soundarya one of the top South Indian actresses, played the key role, unfortunately, her last film before her fatal accident. In the Tamil version (Chandramukhi), Jyothika donned the role and was awarded best actress award by Tamil nadu Government. (wikipedia)

I like the Malayalam version for Shobhana’s dancing. I like the tragic dramatic aspect that the actress in Aaptamitra died, so this was her last role. And I like the crazy head rolling end of Chandramukhi. I like the production values of the Bhool Bhulaiyaa version. Which do you like the best?

Watch these 4 and compare, and enjoy:

1. Manichitrathazhu:

2. Aaptamitra:

3. Chandramukhi:

4. Bhool Bhulaiyaa:

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85 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Manichitrathazhu vs. Aaptamitra vs. Chandramukhi vs. Bhool Bhulaiyaa

  1. no doubt.shobhana is the best. vineeth also done a very good job in hindi version.he is a very good dancer.i wish shobhana and vineeth joined in this part..any way malayalam movie is the best.among the remakes hindi is the best.others are waste…

  2. Thanks for your comment heti85! I will have to watch the Malayalam version because like you say it’t the best. It looks like the best to me too, but I haven’t got to see it yet. I look forward to seeing it.

  3. Hmmm

    Ofcouse, shobhana is the best…. so evident.

    Next comes soundarya , she perfomed it better than jyothika who enacted it like a meantally retarded woman.

    Ofcourse the least fit for the charecter was vidya balan..

  4. That seems to be the most popular belief that Manichitrathazhu is the best parveen. I still haven’t seen that version but will have to. The clips of it on YouTube are fantastic. Thanks for stopping by!

  5. anvi, mee, man and anonymous, thanks for stopping in and telling which you liked best. Seems like “Manichitrathazhu” is staying in first place with “Bhool Bhulaiya” in 2nd place. I STILL have to see Manichitrathazhu! And of course Shobhana rules.

  6. H, Sitaji. Let’s make Manichitrathazhu #1 by a wider margin… I agree with everyone else here who says that one is the best. And I agree, Shobhana rules!

    Of course, I might be influenced by the fact that (as you know from our conversation at another blog) I have been obsessively watching old Pamini clips for the past couple of months…

  7. Thanks for stopping by Richard. It’s official then, Manichitrathazhu wins! I still have to use that site you told me about to watch some of those great Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam films.

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  9. chandramukhi is the best movie. i think you never seen it before so you say all the others are better than jyothika.

  10. heti85 does not appreciate all types of dancing. probably because he hates the others which he said were waste.

  11. i agree with anonymous. like i said all are nice if you appreciate them. thanks sitaji , for these four excellent movies. bye.

  12. sitaji who are you to show my dancing? i will sure take my revenge on durgashtami. raa raa …. lakalakalakalaka…… vettayan has arrived……

  13. chandramukhi!
    Forgive me!
    I admire your dancing very much!
    Please! Do not take your revenge!
    I have nothing but respect for you!

  14. i have taken my revenge on king vettayan.hahahahahahahaha. thanks a lot to sitaji. and what does sukriya chandramukhi mean? i am tamil,that’s why.

  15. Agree with the that Shobhana is the best dancer, but the best song has to be Vidya Balan’s: especially after it has been popularised by Anwesha of Chhote Ustaad.

  16. Obviously shobhana is the best among all these…and the Original has to be always better than all the malayalam version is the doubt about it. No one can beat it, no matter how much ever times they remake it and whoever stars in them. and the movie can actually be watched in Youtube by searching as below:


  17. Hello sreedevi, I agree with you!

    Bebo, thanks for the link. I love little Anwesha Dutta Gupta!

    me mysef! Namaste! Thanks for stopping by & for the excellent link. It took me so long to respond because one I started watching Manichitrathazhu using the link you provided I couldn’t stop! I watch the movie in its entiriety. Even without subtitles it was excellent, though having seen Bhool Bhulaiya I already knew the plot, so that helped. Of course Shobana’s dancing is supurb! I also like the first signs of her showing he craziness to her husband here:

    Also, now that I’ve seen the original, I think that Akshay Kumar did a great job playing the Dr. in the Hindi version, but I believe after seeing Mohanlal, that either Sanjay Dutt or Govinda would have been a better fit for the Dr. part.

  18. hi all,

    I like the Manichithrathazhu like anything. it was crafted so well. Anybody have the english susbtitle for this movie. i want to show this movie to my non-mallu friends but lacks the subtitle :(.

  19. The best of all is perhaps Apthamitra……………Kannada version is the best when compared to its original Malayalam, & other remake version of Tamil & Hindi………….We can find the best out of both Soundarya and Dr.Vishnuvardhan…………

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  21. To tell frankly manichitrathazhu is the best as it is original but aptamitra and chandramukhi is the best it has won so many awards across the world and i dont think bhool bhulaiyaa is good as it is not at all scary. the scariest is the most interesting one which are aptamitra and chandramukhi.

  22. Aravind,
    Good luck on finding the subtitled version you want. Thanks for your visit.

    Thanks for your input and visit. :)

    Thanks for that link.

    Nice assessment and I agree that Bhool Bhulaiyaa wasn’t too scary. I did see Chandramukhi too, which I enjoyed a lot, but have yet to see Manichitrathazhu, which I think would be most interesting since it is the inspiration for the rest. Tanks for your visit.

  23. Of the 4 movies, definitely Manichitrathazhu is the best!!! Not only coz its the original, its classic and of a very high standard.. No one can stand in par with Shobana.. she is simply the best.. The worst of all 4 would be Chandramukhi.. I really felt that it was a film on a mentally retarded woman, was that classical dancing that she did????? I still dont understand… and the movie was over exaggerated with unwanted stunts, and making Rajnikanth a super hero, and a snake (wat reason was it for???)… Only good thing in chandramukhi was Vineeth.. He is a wonderful actor and dancer.. but how would he felt when he saw Jyothika doing nonsense in the name of dancing..??!!!

  24. manichitrathazhu is the matter in how many languages it’s being re-maked ..shobana’s & mohanlal’s acting cannot be replaced by any other one..

  25. Priya-ji,
    Thanks for your visit and comments. I agree about your comments on Shobana: “No one can stand in par with Shobana.. she is simply the best.” She is mezmerising to watch. Wow, I’ll have to rewatch Joythika’s dancing to see if it is so bad as you thought. :)


    I think you’re right.

    I recently watched Monanlal is Vanaprastham (1999)

    Have you seen him in that? Fantastic!

  26. Nice to get back to this post after sometime (thanks to comment links at the front of the blog)… And as in my comment above, a while back, I agree about Shobana (only now I spell her name without that second “h” :) . ) There is something amazing in that Travancore Family heritage (is it nature or nurture?).

    Mohanlal also is very good. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to get many Malayalam movies with English subs (at least not where I live, in Queens, NY – where Hindi movies with subs, by contrast, can be found very easily). I have seen him in a lot of song clips… I watched part of Lal Salam (1999) without subs, and it looked as though he was great in that.

    And now I see that Vaanaprastham is on YouTube with subs:

    Well, I’ll have to tale a look at that…

  27. Hey guys!!
    First of all I would like to mention that I’ve watched all four of these movies. And without question, Manichitrathazhu is the best in all aspects. The second best would be Bhool Bhulaiya since it is the only one kinda like the original, the other two movies, didnt do a great job at all. For me, these two movies (Tamil and Kannada) didnt touch my heart or made me feel bad about the main character. Jyothika was a very bad choice. I so dont get why they had that anaconda in the movie. I think Asin would have done that role better cuz she is a good dancer, and is also a good actress. Soundarya is a good actress, but her emotions and expressions were not really seen on her face, so her part was kinda like “undone.” But I would say she was far better than Jyothika cuz Jyothika’s acting was really an insult to the character which Shobhana did. No offense to the Tamil people!!

  28. Thanks for revisiting it Richard,
    I’m thinking I should add that poll feature to this post, and it would clearly show Shobhana/Shobana in the lead. Let me know what you think of Vaanaprastham if you get a chance to see it. I’m sure you’ll enjoy Mohanlal in it.

    You are clearly in the majority with your opinion. Thanks for backing up your points solidly. I agree with you about Manichitrathazhu, though I’ve only seen parts of Chandramuki and I’ve enjoyed Jyothinka in other movies, I think you’re right about it being perhaps not the best executed adaptation of Shobana’s role in Manichitrathazhu. Thanks for stopping by! :)

  29. If we are talking about comercial cinema.. I think Chandramukhi’s standard of choreography, dance steps combining the actors together, direction, lighting, sets were very elaborate. For those who may not have watched the movie….the dance is of a girl possed (mentally retarded or not in senses); hence, I think Jyothika’s expression with highlighted lighting showing that the person was not in senses.. is the best.

    For pure dance, I would rate Vineeth in Chandramukhi and Shobana in Manichitrathazhu. I think Soundaraya was very expressive, but Jyothika’s performance because of the Director (I have seen the outakes) is better for the story-line and song.

    • Kanishk-ji,
      Yes, Joythika did do a good crazy look during the dance sequence. You make great points here. I have yet to see Aaptamitra (Kannada) version, but have see the other 2 and liked Shobana’s dancing the best, but the emotion of Joythika’s part was also excellent. I need to get Aaptamitra now, so I will be able to have seen all 4 versions. Thanks for stopping in and commenting.

  30. Hey guys there is no comparison between all these 4 movies.
    All of them did their best.Its true that shobhsns did great but
    being a dancer thats not new.But learning and doing is something new.And apart from shobhana that what everyone else has done.All we should do is to enjoy the song.
    Acting wise everybody has their own skills and so is with the dance.I enjoyed all songs and versions.But of course acting wise Soundarya is best and dance wise Shobhana.

  31. venu-ji,
    Thanks for visiting. I like your idea that they all did their best. This is true. Some definitely had parts that were more pleasing to some viewers than others. To enjoy each version for its individual virtues is the best approach. :)

  32. soundarya is the best others r waste, visnu sir acting super super ramesh arvind ok dhwarkish sir good comedy appatamitra team super after that only rajani kant sir is super and others r the waste kachada dabba ok

  33. shobhana is excellent in the movie for her acting and for her dancing and Manichitrathazha is the best movie compared to the other 3.

  34. I have seen the three versions-chandramukhi,manichitrathazhu,bhool bhulaiya.
    out of this,manichitrathazhu is the best.
    i have not seen the kannada version but have heard from my friends that it is good(but not as good as Manichitratazhu).
    Mohanlal and Suresh gopi’s acting is really good but all have been outshadwed by Shobhana’s performance. :).

  35. Lolz – favourite shld be
    iii)Aaptamitra or Bhool Bhulaiyaa ( it does’nt matter).
    Why? Just based on the song clip seen, Shobana & Jyothika leaves the most impression whereas the other two does not really get “it” – as in dancing in a possessed state – it simply falls half way through even though Vidya & Soundarya are better dancers than Jyothika.
    Thinks Vidya Balan least suitable for the role – not scary or no devilish (if i may call it- lolz) expression enough.
    Shobana is simply astounding- kudos!
    Just look at Jyothika’s body language – her ‘pride’ & eyes shown in her body language is simply far more bewitching than the dancing done by Vidya or Soundarya

    As, for the entire movie -i cant comment much as i havent seen them all. :)
    Just a little thought i wanted to share – no offense.

    • Larajrt-ji,
      Thanks for stopping in to comment, how could I take offense to you sharing your ideas. I especially agree with, “Just look at Jyothika’s body language – her ‘pride’ & eyes shown in her body language is simply far more bewitching, ” bewitching is the perfect word to describe her power of performance and charisma. :)

  36. Hi,

    I think, Manichitrathazhu is the best, chandramukhi was just over the top. even Jyothika nd rajanikanth was over acting too much…. It almost made me laugh. But Manichitrathazhu was subtle and a classic… Its a classic… its a 1993 movie :)… Bhool Bhulaiya was also not as gud as manichitrathazhu. hav/nt seen the kannada version though

  37. hi

    I think the first one is best. cause other had seen the first one and they know what to do. But i must say the chandarmuki’s women had enhanced the performance of the first women.

    • mboss-ji,
      You make a good point that the original roll could be used as inspiration for those that followed, and thus those that follow could build on the the original. Thanks for commenting. :)

  38. hello all ,

    The remakes cannot be compared with manichitrathazhu .although as a remake bool bulaiya is good (but not that good) because no one can replace sunny Thomas , ganga and the malayalam oriented plot and wits . any way i cant comment on chandramukhi because it doesnt really seem like a remake of the kind and had unusual paranormality. and the acting crew too didn’t worth the movie.

  39. manichithrathazhu is the best,others are good.In malayalam films most priority goes to acting talent ,that’s why i say malayalam version is superb than other versions

  40. The best? Manichitrathazhu ! For many, many reasons…
    I have listed just two, which can NEVER be full justice to the film.

    1. Acting skills:
    Read the following blog.

    2. Songs/Music:
    This movie is the first malayalam (also indian?) to have made use of a rarely used raga called “aahari ragam” in carnatic music. It is rarely used and never taught by a teacher to disciple because it is believed to bring bad results.
    Even in medievial europe, the church had banned the use of this raga, known as the “devil’s interval” or “the flat fifth” or “tritone” because it was considered evil as it brings an eerie sensation.
    This film uses it in many many occasions and song.
    For example, the “Oru murai vanthu paraya..” and “Pazham thamizh paatt…” and in many other instances in the movie.

    One other thing I noticed was the syncronisation of the lyrical meaning of the song “Oru murai vanthu parthaya” and the dance scenes. The time when Nagavalli is switched between her dreamy court and the vengeful form she is in, is not random in Manichitrathazhu. It is in accordance with the lyrics of the song. The comparison of Nagavalli to Kannaki* is clear from the lines “Ilamkovadikal chilanka nalki….” (Also at the point that this line is sung, the scence changes from her dreams to reality).

    Such perfection is visible for a keen eye throughout the film.

    This fine touch of artistic brilliance is what separates a classic cinema from a good one. And it is missing in all the remakes.

    * Kannaki is the heroine of the epic Silappathikaram, written by Ilamko Adigal. She is also worshiped as a goddess in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. More details:

  41. Holla Sita- Ji!!
    ooook i’m officially in the retard club because i reviewed this and didnt know there were so many “originals” i thought Bhool Bulaiya was good, I didnt expect it to be because Akki is in it ( i’m waaaaaaaaaay biased, i expect him to faff it up and when he doesnt i’m like … phew) still vidya was ok. i think she acted crazier in NO one Killed jessica loool. but out of the ones you placed here, i will agree that Shobana is the better dancer, but in my opinion thats not whats important, the person is mentally ill and should act as such, the Chandramukhi clip freaking scurred me, i half expected her head to swing and around and start spewing green stuff. so a good mid way between the two extremes would have to be Aaptamitra, still pagal, deewana but can still Nachle all night! haha. but i’m a horror fan so i think my conflicted contradictory melodrama loving self is still leaning towards Chandramukhi. No decision there then. Ha

  42. RAJINIKANTH made chandramuki only bcoz of soundarya,,,,,,,,,,,he didnt let her body go insyd d graveyard ,,he cried lyk hell,,and wen he saw her last movie aaptamitra in banglor in 2004,,he immidiately thot of remaking it in tamil n telugu..with d same director,,,,though d original came in 1993,,,d script became a sensation after soundarya touched it….and only after soundarya doind it,,,,,,,so many remakes wer done syd by syd,,,,,rajini 1st tried fr simran as she was pregenent ltr it went to jothika,,,else soundarya would hav been d 1st option,,,aftr arunachalam n padeyyappa,,this wud hav been hatric wit rajni soundarya combination,,,,,soundarya is d most beautiful nd successfull heroine of southindia ever,,shes wrkd im mor than 100 films,,,with amitab,,kamalhasan,,rajnikant,,,chiranjivi…vishnuvardan..mohanlal…..all d legendry heroes of indian cinema,,,,,,,it wud b dificult fr any1 to cover thid wide range,,coz very few actrses wil get such a oprtunty,,,SAVITRI was honoured as d mahanati frm d telugu cinema..and nadigayar thilakam frm d tamil nadu govt,,which means supreme among actresses,,,,,,soundarya was d only heroine who got equal parallels with such a legendery actress as ,,,soundarya is called d maro savitri ,,by d movie folks..shes gt 6 filmfares in just 12 yrs with many state awards and nandi awards and a national award too,,,,,,acc to me,,shobhana is danced well as der sis a lot of dance sequences in d song,,,moreover she is a trained classical dancer,,,but soundarya’s expressions are extraordinary……no one can do such an acting,,,,,,,ders lots of diff to watch exisiting heroines .and to see sumone who is dead as a ghost in d dark theatres,,,,,,,,,,hw much ever sum1 tels u,,,,,,,,u wud feel it,,wen u urself experience it,,mind blowing performance by soundarya ,,wonderful acting,,irreplacable,,,,,,,d only heroine who didnt expose in films,,,and gt great fans all ovr south,,as she did films in malayalam,,hindi,,kannada,,telugu and tamil….and d greatest thing is d next trend of heroies r gettin awards in soundaryas name,cald soundarya memorial award wich ws givn to sneha,,,n soundarya smaraka awrad to sindu tolani,,,,,,dats d greatest achievement dat any actress can make in her life,she had wonderful screen presence,,extremly gorgeous face,,and awesum,,,offscreen character too,,SHE NEVER EXPOSED remember,,like d present ones

  43. evry1 hav done well in der own way,,,,i din feel scary by shobana,,,,,but i liked d comlete version of her dance movements,,,along with sridar,,,,,,i really lykd soundaryas mind blowing expresions especially in d 1st stanza,,,,and her acting in d movie is extra ordinary,,,,,her cute lips n teeth nd eyes r so closley shot,,,wich pleases any1………and coming to jotika ,,shes also done her best,,,but the thing is sum feel dat its funny or abnormal ,,,and sum feel its d actual way to show a ghost appeared on a woman,,,but its upto,,,hw u take it,,,,,,,anywaz vineeth is a gud co dancer,,,,vidya baln is done her job,,cant say commpletely shes done justice to d role,,,but frm her side its ok ,,nt bad,,,,,,,,,,if u see malayalam and kannada and then see bhool bhulayya,,,u feel a bit lesse abt d perfrmnce,,wer as if u see d hindi version fr d 1st tym u may accept it,,,,,,but d locations wer rich in hindi,,with ornaments n vagera in north indian style,,,ok with her too ,,,,i can say nt bad…but nt comparable with soundarya fr acting or wit shobana fwit dancing

  44. Hopped over here from some random link on YouTube. Adding my two bits.

    NOTHING can compare to Manichitrathazhu. And here is why (I am not a mallu, though I am married to one, and I watched the movie with subtitles on, so I am not even wholly aware of the effect the dialogues must have had hearing them in ones own language) –

    Till the very end of the movie, (just before the scene you have posted above) I kept asking my husband, why Shobana was being underplayed. Finally when the climax happened, I understood why. This movie is NOT about being scary, or a ghost or a mentally retarded person. Most people who comment, do not even understand what having a split personality even means. The person acts completely normal until the darker/stronger/aggressive side takes over. The first scene when she exhibits those signs, I was blown away! (When the husband Nakulan refuses to her shopping plans, she lifts the bed in anger). Shobana’s expressions changed in a mere second, and that is a sign of a truly good actress. When we moved over to the dance sequence – I have no words. She was beyond perfect! The direction was amazing – no overacting (all of the rest), no chopping off heads (all other versions I believe), no dogs (tamil version), no weird acrobatic steps passed off as classical dancing (which ALSO were copied into the remakes you know..) Think about this, the movie was made in 1993. How many movies were made then that spoke about split personality is that much subtlety? Shobana had no frame of reference to portray the character of Ganga/Nagavalli, and she did it flawlessly. Everyone else just had to copy the movie (with dialogues, jokes, dance steps and throw in unnecessary crap to sell the movie) and they were done.

    I rest my case. :)

  45. Sijo

    It is injustice if we compare Manichitrathazhu with other Movies. It can be taken as international Other movies just copied and terribly failed to keep standard..Though they have made money because of the beauty of script….

  46. Shobana Is a Classical Dancer. So dance is not at all problem for her but the character is new to cinema industry. She cann’t have any reference to do this. This is 100% original. Soundarya is best actress i ever scene, She just make an expressions like hell, there is no chance to dance for that song. Compared to all actress, Jyothika had a lot of mind depression. The reasons are, 1.superstar’s Movie
    2. After Baba’s Flap, he did this move after 3 years.
    3.She doesn’t know single step in class dance.
    4. She has to justify that she is better than Simran(the first choice).
    So She has to do her best. And She did…
    Vidhyabalan is good. But expressions????? Dance Ok…
    So In my order,
    1. Shobana
    2. Jyothika

  47. Ok, I was just passing through here nd suddenly found this. I’m an insane Mammootty fan, and I personally dont like Mohanlal. But this muvi, ‘Manichitrathazhu’ is a classic in every possible way. It was one of the greatest and innovative muvis ever came out in India. It was a great teamwork I wud say, I that may be the sole reason for its
    flawless perfection.
    None of the remakes were match to the original especially Chandramukhi, man that muvi really sucked. They turned a great psychological thriller muvi into an action packed masala bullshit. And a snake…kill me.
    I dont understand why these directors only look at the commercial value of a movie rather than its artistic value. And I cant understand why we are comparing Manichitrathazhu with its remake, as we already know which’s best:)

    • Sudinji! Thanks for stopping by to comment, and your opinion about which is best seems to be the most popular opinion, “None of the remakes were match to the original especially Chandramukhi,” Thankyouji! :)

  48. None of the other adaptations, or rather stolen versions, can hold a candle to the original malayalam version. Whereas Manichithrathazhu was a complete masterpiece as a film, thanks to an amazing original script, inspired setting, ethereal acting by Shobana particularly and a heavenly soundtrack, the others are at best commercial attempts to cash in on the legacy. Bhool Bhulaiyaa, being directed by a malayali, was a passable adaptation closer to the original. Apthamithra too is decent, but with all the pitfalls of a star-oriented adaptation. Chandramukhi, on the other hand, is plainly crap. The acting sucks, the story sucks, the presentation sucks and Jyothika’s finale act is more retarded than psychological-split personality. Manichithrathazhu should have been adapted to hindi with Madhuri, another superb dancer/actress. No one else should’ve even tried.

  49. Arjunji, I appreciate your feedback. I think you may be correct in saying, “Manichithrathazhu should have been adapted to hindi with Madhuri, another superb dancer/actress. No one else should’ve even tried.”

  50. hi to all.
    I came to know about this site today.I think the discussion is over.
    But i must say,Manichitrathazu is the best followed by Bhool Bhulaiya.
    Though i don’t know malyalam at all but have seen the movie through subtitles appearing in english.So,can anybody give me a link for south classics dubbed in hindi or with subtitles ?

    • bro,i don’t know about any links.
      But yaa i agree with u that Mnchtrthzu is the best with B.bhulyaa at 2nd.
      I also don’t know any of the south languages and have seen through subtitles as u do.
      Dude,we must have a site for watching the classicals dubbed in different languages.
      Warna hum sab log to apne south ke intrest ko kho denge.

  51. Ntng more..
    The truth is that,

    Shobana did the best…
    She is the elegant & legantary actress in South India.. She have secialised skills in her dancing and acting..
    In Manichithratazhu, she used it. Each and every movement of Nagavally, Wow! It can’t explain.. Especially in “Vidamatte” , scene Her acting immemorable(beautiful eyes).. I think, no one could not overtakng this perfection.. She won two time National award winner, and one among the five actres, Shabana Asmi, Sharada, Tabu, Smitha Pattel, and the one Telungu actress (didnt get her name). . . The other thing is that, we never denied the role of dubbing artist Bhagyalekshmi.. The real spirit of the film is that, the voice of Bhagyalekshmi..
    Soundarya is the second place.. The Aptamitra back ground music is good..
    Third is Vidhya balan..
    And the last is Jyothika.

  52. Obviously no one else came close to acting or dancing as well as Shobana. She deserves the highest form of awards for her performance in Manichithratazhu.

    But having said that, the song in the Tamil version is the most memorable and unforgettable of them all. ITS JUST SO CREEPY!!

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