Video of the Day: Maine Pyar Kiya intro theme, “Aate Jaate Hanste Gaate,” or is it really “I Just Called to Say I Love You?”


Maine Pyar Kiya (1989) is simply a fine, fine piece of art. When I checked this out of the Hennepin County Library (Hindi language materials.) a few months back I was so embarassed by the cover pictured here. Can you blame me? But don’t judge a DVD by its cover, this is one of my favorite movies EVER! Starring Salman Khan (pre-hairpiece, hair weave, hair plug era) the delightful Bhagyashree, Laxmikant Berde, Alok Nath, (who says one of my favorite things often heard in Bollywood movies: FIVE star hotel!), Rajeev Verma.  Additionally, this bird, a pigeon named Handsome in the credits and pictured here plays a significant role.


I know Salman Khan is accused of hitting women, killing endangered animals, running over a “gutter-dweller” with his SUV, and other bad, bad things, but I managed to get around all that and still love this movie! And this clip here at the movie’s start is almost hard to watch, yet I love it! I understand it sounds like a lot of excuses people, but I promise if you watch this movie, you will Pyar it! It’s one of my all time favorites. Enjoy “Aate Jaate Hanste Gaate,” with playback singers Lata Mangeshkar and S. P. Balasubrahmanyam. (And along with the song is the whole movie.)




We like the same things baba aur bollywood likes in this flick.

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19 thoughts on “Video of the Day: Maine Pyar Kiya intro theme, “Aate Jaate Hanste Gaate,” or is it really “I Just Called to Say I Love You?”

  1. I think your comments about the picture are really unfair! Shows relationship between patni and dev-pati quite beautifully. Why do we have to imitate the west in everything?

    • Namaste Arun-ji,
      So sorry to offend you. I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the Indian film industry, which is why I have this blog. :) I also love this movie. I was trying to say the photo on the DVD with Salman with his pants unzipped and Bhagyashree on her knees was a bit risque. Also the song was known to have been heavily influenced by the Stevie Wonder song here:

      You can hear the similarity, hai na?

      This is even discussed here:
      “The opening track, Aate Jaate, is said to have been inspired by Stevie Wonder’s 1984 single, I Just Called to Say I Love You.”


      Thanks for your comments and visit. :)

  2. Great post… wrote a short one myself on MPK about a week ago.

    I like the song though I didn’t like the other one in the movie “inspired” by another song as much.

    Of course I am talking about “Mere sawaalon ka jawab do” which resemble’s Europe’s “The Final Countdown” :)

  3. I too am confused what Suraj Barjatya or the publicity designer were thinking while putting that pic on posters?? that looks bit off subject, given how cute the movie is. Yes, its my favorite too. Love each moment of the movie.

    My audio cassette [yes, no CDs at those times] – has beautiful cover page from the song Mere Rang Mein – song. [again its inspired by the Final Countdown song]. Bhagyashree looks lovely in white outfit and Sallu too. Ahh… you made me find my DVD and re-watch the songs. Never mind the title song is an inspired one, but SP and Lata makes it immortal.

    • Darshit-ji,
      I know, right!? That poster is provocative, or I have an inappropriate mind. Yes! THe poster is completely incongruent with the light cute movie. About the songs, I agree, no matter if it’s inspired hardly matters if it’s reworked into something enjoyable and memorable. Thanks for sharing about the audio cassette yaar. :)

  4. Ha ha! I love the five star hotels! Just the other day I was thinking, I never in all my life heard so much about five-star hotels as I have since I started watching Hindi movies. Must be from growing up in the Midwest, where I thought the Holiday Inn was fancy! :)

    • Anarchivist-ji
      FIVE STAR HOTEL! I know, I love its over mention in Bollywood filums, so fancy, and yet so quaint that it’s overused. FIVE STAR HOTEL! (I think it sounds best when shouted) ;)

  5. It’s just as well I didn’t see your review of this until long after watching the movie, or I would have made a liar of you. “I promise if you watch this movie, you will Pyar it” – sorry, but the only thing I pyaared about this film was the totally awesome kickass pigeon!

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